Octoflor connects
Octoflor - Your Sourcing Solutions! Spreading Its Tentacles to Connect Worldwide "We stretch our reach around the globe and are constantly adapting to the market changes and needs."
Apr 17 | 3 min read
Rosemary Kimunya Influencer at Thursd Featured
Thursd Expands Its Influence in Kenya with Rosemary Kimunya Joining the Community Rosemary Kimunya, celebrated for her profound impact on the floral and agribusiness sectors, has been an example to many in Kenya. Her endeavors, including the organization of the Kenya Flower Festival, have significantly contributed to putting Kenyan floral artistry on the global map.
Mar 27 | 1 min read
IFTEX ​Sustainably Cultivates Global Flower Connections
IFTEX - An Event That Sustainably Cultivates Global Flower Connections An occasion that presents an opportunity for all in the flower industry to engage and share insights on boosting this key trade.
Feb 28 | 5 min read
Octoflor Team
Flowers From Kenya Directly to the World - It's Possible! Octoflor proves it: Easy contact and fast and flexible delivery of the freshest flowers to all corners of the globe.
Feb 14 | 4 min read
The Timeless Charm of De Ruiter’s Rose Capriola Grown by Kenya’s Roseto Ltd
Rose Capriola Is a Unique Bi-colored Flower Suitable for All Occasions This unique color palette possesses many ideal qualities desirable in flower designs and arrangements.
Jan 17 | 5 min read
Kenyan Coast's Sustainability Initiatives Conserve Mangrove​ Forests
Sustainability Drives Along the Kenyan Coast Conserve Mangrove Forests These forests are beneficial in many ways beyond climate change mitigation and also build local communities' livelihoods.
Oct 18 | 6 min read
Kenya Flower Market Update
Kenya’s Flower Market Update From its good equatorial climate and weather patterns to a host of other favorable conditions, Kenya is proving to be a giant in global flower production.
Oct 01 | 22 min read
The Nascent Art of Flower Arranging in Kenya
The Nascent Art of Flower Arranging in Kenya See how floral artistry is burgeoning in this East African country.
Sep 13 | 7 min read
Sites With Scenic Hiking Trails Near Kenya's Flower-Growing Areas
Blooms and Treks Follows 7 Sites With Scenic Hiking Trails Near Kenya's Flower-Growing Areas These areas not only provide an array of blooms but also offer adventure seekers and nature lovers the perfect opportunity to explore Kenya's great outdoors. 
Sep 13 | 8 min read
Kenya's Eco-Tourism: Reconnecting With Nature Through Its Conservation
Kenya's Eco-Tourism Is Reconnecting With Nature Through Conservation A great way to experience the beauty of Kenya while also helping to ensure future generations can also enjoy it. 
Sep 06 | 8 min read
Indigenous Plants of Kenya's Montane Ecosystems
High Altitude Floral Odyssey: 7 Indigenous Plants That Define Kenya's Montane Ecosystems The montane regions of Kenya are not only a paradise for botanists but also a sanctuary for countless species of wildlife that depend on these floral wonders for survival. 
Aug 23 | 9 min read
Thursd Video Crew Showcases Kenya's Rich Flower Heritage Thursd’s pair of videographers Alina and Cristi Neacsa, took it upon themselves to ensure that they bring you all you need to know about Kenya’s flower industry.
Aug 16 | 9 min read

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