​​Sian Flowers gets Carbon Net Zero Certification for​ Sustainability.
A Carbon Net Zero Recognition for Sian Flowers' Efforts in Sustainability The rose and summer flower grower has constantly put in place measures that ensure sustainably produced flowers.
Sep 20 | 5 min read
The Nascent Art of Flower Arranging in Kenya
The Nascent Art of Flower Arranging in Kenya See how floral artistry is burgeoning in this East African country.
Sep 13 | 7 min read
Sites With Scenic Hiking Trails Near Kenya's Flower-Growing Areas
Blooms and Treks Follows 7 Sites With Scenic Hiking Trails Near Kenya's Flower-Growing Areas These areas not only provide an array of blooms but also offer adventure seekers and nature lovers the perfect opportunity to explore Kenya's great outdoors. 
Sep 13 | 8 min read
Kenya's Eco-Tourism: Reconnecting With Nature Through Its Conservation
Kenya's Eco-Tourism Is Reconnecting With Nature Through Conservation A great way to experience the beauty of Kenya while also helping to ensure future generations can also enjoy it. 
Sep 06 | 8 min read
Indigenous Plants of Kenya's Montane Ecosystems
High Altitude Floral Odyssey: 7 Indigenous Plants That Define Kenya's Montane Ecosystems The montane regions of Kenya are not only a paradise for botanists but also a sanctuary for countless species of wildlife that depend on these floral wonders for survival. 
Aug 23 | 9 min read
Thursd Video Crew Showcases Kenya's Rich Flower Heritage Thursd’s pair of videographers Alina and Cristi Neacsa, took it upon themselves to ensure that they bring you all you need to know about Kenya’s flower industry.
Aug 16 | 9 min read
United Selections is working with other breeders and flower growers to ensure mutual floral success.
How United Selections Is Counting on Collaborations to Drive Flower Production Since its inception in 2012, this breeder has continually been striving to enhance its flower variety offering.
Aug 16 | 6 min read
Kenya Flower Market Update
Kenya’s Flower Market Update From its good equatorial climate and weather patterns to a host of other favorable conditions, Kenya is proving to be a giant in global flower production.
Aug 16 | 22 min read
Orchid is regarded as Kenya’s unofficial national flower.
Which Is Kenya’s National Flower? The orchid has been propounded by many people, to be Kenya's national flower as it embodies the country's unique beauty and diversity. 
Kenya growers embracing summer flowers trends
Kenya’s Burgeoning Trend of Summer Flower Cultivation Summer flowers’ cultivation has gained momentum in recent years in Kenya.
Jul 19 | 7 min read
Sian Flowers packed-at-source flower bouquets
Sian Flowers' Innovative Floral Bouquet Concept Introducing a one-stop shop concept of packed-at-source flower bouquets.
Jul 12 | 4 min read
Kenya flower safaris are a feast for the senses, a journey that unveils the hidden treasures of the country's floral landscape.
Explore Nature's Floral Wonders Through Kenya's Flower Safaris  Embark on a journey that unveils the hidden treasures of this country's floral landscape.

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