Year-Round Designing With the Albatros Rose

It's so exciting to see these commercially viable examples for several occasions from some top floral designers.

By: THURSD. | 11-03-2024 | 2 min read
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Denise Meerts Rose Albatros

Rose Albatros is destined to become a year-round hit. Floral designers who were so lucky to get the first batches of this stunning white beauty did not lack any instant inspiration when they received theirs. Enjoy these commercial bouquets from people who have earned their spurs in floristry.

A White Rose for Every Season

Some will immediately get the urge to create a cute little spring arrangement, while others see an abundant table decoration. Without any instructions up front, experienced florists will give their own swing to creating a design. The neutral white color with the cream hues gives so many options. It goes in all directions, from spring to summer and fall, from Christmas bells to wedding bells. Well, check the designers below and you'll see...

Ivan Bergh

It's clearly springtime at the Ivan Bergh Flower School. Ivan's small design shows that the power of the flower makes the white Albatros rose stand out anyway. So, giving someone this kind of flowery gift during this season is, in its simplest form, a way to embrace and welcome the renewal of nature.



Stephan Winzer

The design Stephan Winzer made is great for every occasion but hints towards wedding bells with the accompanying Gypsophila and Lunnaria Annua. Just say "Yes!" will do here.


Rose Albatros design by Stephan Winzer
Design by Stephan Winzer


Katya Hutter

Whether you're crafting a bridal bouquet, a centerpiece for a special event, or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, Albatros roses offer endless possibilities. How about this brilliant table design by floral designer Katya Hutter?


Rose Albatros Kordes design by Katya Hutter
Design by Katya Hutter


Fiori Bloemen

Dutch designer Petri Rijsdijk from Fiori Bloemen and her colleague Denise Meerts are into the autumn season. Some hedera does the trick to immediately add darker colors for this purpose in a lush nonchalant round bouquet.


Rose Albatros design by Fiori Bloemen
Denise Meerts from Fiori Bloemen


Rose Albatros design by Fiori Bloemen


Mike Boerma

Mike Boerma can't wait until Christmas arrives. This is how the freelance florist and floristry teacher at the famous Boerma Instituut got inspired by Rose Albatros. The roses are the foundation of this Christmas bouquet filled with green and gold.


Rose Albatros Christmas design by Mike Boerma
Design by Mike Boerma


Rose Albatros Christmas design by Mike Boerma


Natalia Hoogenraad

A mono bunch... why not? Natalia Hoogenraad from Bloemenmeisjes shows Rose Albatros in all its simplicity AND beauty. And that it does not always necessarily have to be in a design. Of course, she is a brilliant designer and event planner, but also a consumer who sometimes just want to look at the rose in all its purity on a table.


A Timeless Rose

You see? Rose Albatros is a timeless rose that works for every florist in every season. From commercially viable bouquets to extensive designs; Albatros blends in and stands out.


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