Florist Special With Natalia Hoogenraad of Bloemenmeisjes

The company's identity is deeply rooted in the Dutch artistic tradition, enriched with contemporary innovation and a look to the future.

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This week's florist special welcomes a talented and passionate woman with everything she does, especially in the world of flowers. The mastermind behind Bloemenmeisjes, (Dutch for Flower Girls) stands out in the world of floral design, embodying creativity, sustainability, and exceptional technique when working with flowers. Natalia Hoogenraad is ecstatic to share her story with the world and let you know about the special meaning behind her business and her expressions of blossoming through floral design.

Passionate Floral Design With Natalia Hoogenraad of Bloemenmeisjes

At the core of the Dutch Floral Couture House and business, created and founded by Natalia Hoogenraad is a deep connection with nature's ambiance and the way flowers make the floral designer feel. Get ready to explore what she offers in the blooming world of flowers along with her innovative journey in the industry.


Natalia Hoogenraad floral designer
Natalia Hoogenraad floral designer


Her path to founding Bloemenmeisjes is a fusion of passion and purpose. With a rich background in art, design, and communication, she discovered her true vocation in the world of floristry. Her approach goes beyond traditional floral arrangements, infusing each creation with a unique soul and personality, reflecting her artistic aptitude, talent, and intimate bond with nature in all its elements, colors, and shapes.


Floral design by Bloemenmeisjes
Floral design by Natalia Hoogenraad and her team


She has worked with brands such as H&M, Chandon, Boss, Tiffany & Co, and Disney, and even decorated restaurants with her floral magic such as Selva Sonora.


Selva Sonora plant and flower decor by Bloemen Meisjes
Selva Sonora plant and flower decoration for an event


The DNA of Bloemenmeisjes

Bloemenmeisjes is a symphony of dreams, mastery, and a steadfast dedication to beauty and ecological responsibility. Rooted in Dutch artistic heritage, the brand innovates continuously, redefining floral industry standards. Each design narrates a story, celebrating floral beauty and environmental awareness.


Floral artistry in its maximum expressionby Bloemenmeisjes
Floral artistry in its maximum expression


What makes the business unique? Natalia shares:

"The innovative design techniques allow me to blend traditional floral artistry and modern, eco-friendly methods, ensuring aesthetic and sustainable designs. On the other hand, we have access to unique, stunning flowers through partnerships with top Dutch growers, enhancing the exclusivity of their arrangements."


Bloemenmeisjes flower business by Natalia Hoogenraad


Sustainability and quality are considered by Natalia the core values at Bloemenmeisjes. The company's collaboration with local growers and innovative flower preservation methods underscore its commitment to reducing ecological impact while maintaining a stunning visual impact.


Floral arrangements for the Dutch Royal Family
Floral arrangements for the Dutch Royal Family during 'Prince's Day' where the King of the Netherlands addresses the Dutch in a speech


Not only that, but they have prestigiously collaborated with the Dutch Royal Family. Bloemenmeisjes has been the floral centerpiece for Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day) for three years, showcasing arrangements that embody and manifest tradition and elegance. Their work for the Dutch Royal Family and government dignitaries highlights their expertise in creating florals for distinguished events. The enduring relationship with the Royal Family reflects Natalia's skill in conveying grandeur and significance through her floral designs, demonstrating an understanding of each occasion's importance.


Pinkish floral design for the Dutch Royal Family


A Spectrum of Services by Natalia Hoogenraad

At Bloemenmeisjes, flowers are a storytelling medium. Natalia's meticulous selection process considers durability, climate, and visual impact, ensuring each arrangement complements its setting perfectly. They cater to a varied clientele, offering several types of services to make everyone happy through the use of flowers and floral design.


Flower decoration for a fashion shoot by Natalia Hoogenraad

This said some of her services include:


Erdem ft HM by Natalia Hoogenraad
A collaboration for Erdem x H&M with a floral wall made by Natalia Hoogenraad



Natalia Hoogenraads hotel decoration
Hotel decoration by Bloemenmeisjes


Natalia Hoogenraads tree decoration with flowers
A fabulous tree decorated with plants and flowers


The Future Vision: Beyond Floral Design

Natalia envisions transforming her business from a floral design house into a creator of complete floral spectacles, offering full-service event planning. This strategic expansion aims to craft cohesive experiences, blending floral art with elements like lighting and dynamic experiences, redefining event planning.


Landgoed Waterland floral display


For her, flowers are a reflection of life itself, symbolizing growth, blooming, and wilting – a poignant reminder of our own journey. Her work celebrates this cycle, turning the ephemeral belle of flowers into enduring memories. She believes that the true artist in floral design sees beyond the petals, finding a way to include flowers in all of her work's essence.


Floral creation by Bloemen Meisjes for a mall


Natalia views nature as an endless source of inspiration, entwining its colors, textures, and forms into prodigious creations. Her designs are not just visually stunning; they embody the soul of her artistic vision. Get a glimpse of more of her work in this video.



FAQ With Natalia Hoogenraad

Q1: What sets Bloemenmeisjes designs apart?

A1: Our designs uniquely blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation, focusing on sustainability and storytelling through flowers.

Q2: How does Bloemenmeisjes embrace sustainability?

A2: We prioritize eco-friendly practices, collaborate with local growers, and employ innovative flower preservation techniques to minimize our ecological footprint.

Q3: Can Bloemenmeisjes manage large-scale events?

A3: Yes, we offer full-service event planning for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.


Visit the Bloemenmeisjes website or contact them for consultations, and let them bring your floral visions to life.


Photos courtesy of Bloemenmeisjes.


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