Jeff Leatham, Manish Malhotra, and Interflora Transform the Ambani Pre-Wedding Festivities

As the influx of their wedding images floods social media, here are top-notch floral designs that took over the venue.

By: THURSD. | 06-04-2024 | 3 min read
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Floral decorations for the Ambanis pre wedding celebrations

Interflora India, in Collaboration with Jeff Leatham and Manish Malhotra, has fully transformed the Ambani Pre Wedding festivities into a floral wonderland and people are absolutely loving the result. Recently created and carefully designed in the charming city of Jamnagar, the Ambani pre-wedding festivities unfolded into a hypnotic floral display which is now popularly known as 'An Evening in Everland'. Your eyes cannot miss out on what was seen during the event so make sure to take a peek below.

The Fuse of Flowers and Creative Minds Created a Spectacular Floral Spectacle

After a few months of careful planning and a superb collaboration between the innovative ideas of Jeff Leatham, who has served as an artistic director for two major hotel chains in Paris, Manish Malhotra's artistic brilliance, the Ambani family's vision, and Interflora India's execution culminated in a harmonious composition of creativity and exclusivity. The team's enthusiasm was outstanding, fostering collaborative energy among different teams. Flowers, vases, and requisites flew in from across the world to a remote city but were sourced to perfection, showcasing the Interflora team's tireless dedication and passionate work to bring every element of this event to perfection.


The Ambanis pre wedding
The Ambanis at their pre-wedding celebrations


Large floral installation at Ambani pre wedding decor
Larger-than-life floral installations that caught the attention of all the attendees at the Ambani pre-wedding


Stunning floral decor by Jeff Leatham and Manish Malhotra


The event's vision was crystal clear  — to craft a florally lavish glasshouse adorned with organic flowers. The inspiration for the glasshouse drew from a French conservatory, embodying a balanced blend of 'world meets Indian heritage'. As guests strolled through the landscaped driveway, the beauty of nature and florals welcomed them to a grand entrance and gardens with massive elephants and giraffes, leading to the dreamy glasshouse


Part of the glasshouse at the Ambani pre wedding
A partial view of the famous glasshouse decorated with bright purple flowers and animal figures


The atmosphere inside was a result of detailed planning from all the parts involved, with a focus on infusing a cozy living room vibe. Family portraits, charming fireplaces, and delightful bookshelves adorned the corners and walls, creating intimate spaces for cherished connections.


Vintage vibes decoration
Part of the decoration was vintage and included pastel-colored tones


Pastel colored flowers decorated the Ambani pre wedding


Jeff Leatham Along With Manish Malhotra Brought Rich and Vintage Together

The decor instructions were precise — rich, and vintage, with a play of colors, including touches of pink shades, lilacs, orange, and yellows. The central imperial table stole the spotlight with a 30-meter (100 ft) long grazing table adorned with massive floral urns reaching the ceiling. Vintage Venetian vases, cantaloupe flowers, elegant props, candles, delectable food, and a show-stopping three-tier grand cake transported everyone to another era.


Larger than life floral installations
Larger-than-life floral installations by the talented team comprised of Interflora India, Jeff Leatham, and Manish Malhotra


Impressive blue delphinium urns became iconic elements that served as an extension to the 'larger-than-life' theme starting from the grand entrance. The whole idea behind the event was to create a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, reminiscent of Indian culture. Even amidst grandeur, small perfume bottles and knick-knacks adorned the space, infusing a warm and inviting atmosphere for all the guests.


Impressive delphinium floral decor


This incredible work of floral art and creativity starring a setup with organic flowers to over-the-top structures, created an ensemble of drama and free-flowing majestic florals that transcended the ordinary.


Seating spaces full of flowers
Seating spaces at the pre-wedding location full of flowers


If these were the pre-wedding floral designs can you imagine what will come for the actual wedding? Flowers and weddings are without a doubt the best combination to beautify every single corner of any type of event.


Photos courtesy of Interflora India.



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