An “A-Shaped” Self-Sufficient House Has Been Created and the Result Is Beyond Magnifique

Check out "Atri", a greenhouse villa with its own system for heating, electricity, water and nutrient recovery.

By: THURSD. | 19-08-2022 | 2 min read
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An A shaped self suffcient house is the newest architectural dream header on Thursd

The dreamiest and most natural-lighted house mimicking the peaks of its surrounding conifers has been created and we're speechless. This A-shaped self-sufficient house is the newest architectural obsession, filled with greenery, its own vegetable patch, and transparent windows to let natural light soak the house.

An A-Shaped Self-Sufficient House That Has Minimal Environmental Impact

Designed by the skilfully and brilliant eco-friendly Swedish architecture firm Naturvillan, one of the most innovative architecture proposals has been designed and actually built.


A-framed house located in beautiful Sikhall Vänersborg Sweden on Thursd


It's all about an A-framed house located in beautiful Sikhall, VänersborgSweden. The main design initiative behind the project was to construct a house with 100% self-sufficient living. The largely wood and glass construction focuses solely on creating minimal impacts on the environment.


This A Shaped house was constructed by Swedish architect firm Naturvillan on Thursd


Meet the Impressive Features That Make “Atri” the Most Beautiful Wood and Glass House 

The triangular A-shaped self-sufficient house shown here is “Atri,” a light-filled house with a wood-burning stove and solar panels attached to its tilted unique roof. The intention behind this design? The creation of its own energy production in both winter and summer seasons.


This A Shaped house is situated between conifers in Sweden on Thursd


The architect designed the house having in mind that the two sources would be robust enough to heat the water and provide electricity for the new owners. When constructing an eco-friendly house, architect studios must make sure they're prepared for everything and Naturvillan is no exception.


Inside of the A Shaped Self Sufficient house on Thursd


For added assurance, the home contains another power source in case of extreme weather.

What Makes This A-Shaped House Self-Sufficient?

Having accessible methods for your own water, electricity, and food is what makes a space self-sufficient. And part of what makes this A-shaped house self-sufficient is its own renewable energetic system through the solar systems which provides electricity to the entire house.


This incredible A Shaped Self Sufficient house has solar panels on Thursd


As if this wasn't impressive enough, the Swedish architect studio managed to place an on-site well that also pumps drinking, clean water, with any waste directed to the flower beds for filtering.

A Personal Vegetable Patch and Green Plants

Another crucial part that makes this wood and glass house one of the most impressive concepts and constructions ever seen is the fact it is full of plants, most of them which are part of a vegetable patch.


This incredible A Shaped Self Sufficient house has its own vegetable patch on Thursd
All photos by Marcus Eliasson, courtesy of Naturvillan


The raised gardens line the perimeter of the first floor and are large enough to grow fruits and vegetables. Living in this house allows self-sufficient eating by having your own veggie plants and herbs, without missing the fact that it also contains green plants to help purify the air everywhere. Are you desiring to live there? Because we definitely are! 




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