Sustainability Biophilic Building Design Featured Image
Five Mass Timber Buildings Showcasing Biophilic and Sustainability Trends in Construction The adoption of mass timber building concept comes with many benefits. Its advantages include faster construction times, lowered carbon emissions, less waste during construction, and many others.
Manas Bhatia Midjourney wide feature on Thursd
Manas Bhatia Uses A.I. in his Biophilic Architectural Designs In his futuristic architectural designs, Manas puts together all the elements of greenery that define nature.
Green building Vo Trong Nghia featured
Vo Trong Nghia Architects - Taking Over the Greenery World This renowned Vietnamese architecture firm reintroduces tropical nature to Ho Chi Minh city through their newest 'green urban office'.
Baobab resort featured
Baobab Is the World’s First Eco-Tourism Resort The first eco-tourism safari resort ever built in Africa makes its own water from the air and it's pretty impressive!
Dubai Vertical Forest wide feature on Thursd
Architect Firm Stefano Boeri Reveals Vertical Forest Towers That’ll Be Built in Dubai The future of sustainability and architecture looks exactly like what this Italian firm is building in the Middle East. Learn more about this interesting green project coming up in the time ahead.
Äng restaurant featured on Thursd
Danish Architect Studio Norm Has Completed Äng - A Michelin-Starred Restaurant in Swedish Meadows If you're currently in Sweden and want to live an experience close to nature, with impressive sky sights and landscapes, plus top-rated food, this is for you.
Lilly tower Manhattan featured on Thursd
The Flower 'Lilly' Tower That Will Change Manhattan’s Skyline Forever Although most skyscrapers in New York city are beyond impressive, wait till you see what's in for the near future with this colorful, blooming building in sight.
Mania Bhatia featured on Thursd
Manas Bhatia Imagines a Surreal Architectural Future in His Newest Project Inspired by the fascinating image of the Hyperion tree, Manas Bhatia imagines a future occupied by symbiotic architectural apartment towers that breathe and grow.
Sep 01 | 3 min read
Green sustainable building in Ha Long Bay featured on Thursd
Trees Bursting Into Ha Long Villa by Vo Trong Nghia Architects Will Redeem Your Love for Nature A modern concrete facade filled with live-giving plants and trees in plain center give residents the experience of living in nature.
A-framed house by Naturvillan architects featured on Thursd
An “A-Shaped” Self-Sufficient House Has Been Created and the Result Is Beyond Magnifique Check out "Atri", a greenhouse villa with its own system for heating, electricity, water and nutrient recovery.
Aug 19 | 2 min read
Copal eco-luxury resort featured on Thursd
Five of the Best Eco-Luxury Resorts That Are Worth the Hype A little luxury plus the presence of thousands of acres of plants and trees is what we call true paradise.
Aug 02 | 5 min read
Energy Park in Milan- on Thursd
Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota Transform Botanical Garden in Milan Into an “Energy Park” Sustainable and renewable energy spots for summer? Yes please! Look into the transformation of the botanical garden in Milan to an energy park here.
Jun 15 | 3 min read

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