Doing a Survey for Breeding the Future in Begonia Land

Breeder Koppe Begonia did a survey for three of its most promising varieties, here are the results.

By: THURSD. | 28-06-2023 | 5 min read
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Koppe Begonia survey

The breeding of begonia indoor plants plays a crucial role in the horticulture industry, aiming to develop improved varieties that exhibit better growth characteristics and disease resistance. While these new varieties may sometimes visually appear similar to older ones, their genetic makeup and underlying traits have been carefully selected and refined through breeding programs. Giving many benefits.

The Art of Breeding

Breeders like Koppe Begonia work tirelessly to enhance various aspects of begonias, such as plant vigor, flower production, color intensity, and overall resilience. By employing advanced breeding techniques, they strive to create begonia varieties that are superior in performance and offer distinct advantages to growers, traders, and final consumers.

The Importance of Breeding Better-Growing and Disease-Resistant Varieties

The importance of breeding better-growing and disease-resistant begonia varieties cannot be overstated. Despite their similar appearances, these new varieties possess genetic improvements that result in enhanced plant health, vigor, and disease resistance. This is of utmost significance as it directly impacts the sustainability and profitability of the horticulture industry.

By breeding for disease resistance, growers like Pligt Professionals can reduce the reliance on chemical pesticides, promoting environmentally friendly practices and reducing potential harm to ecosystems. Additionally, improved growth characteristics translate to higher crop yields and more efficient use of resources, enabling growers to optimize their production processes and meet the growing demand for high-quality begonia plants.


Mike Boerma with Pligt Begonias
Mike Boerma with Pligt Begonias


Koppe Begonia Did a Survey

Koppe Begonia did a survey for three Begonia varieties of grower Pligt Professionals.

  1. Mocca Orange®
  2. Halo®
  3. Hailey Sunset®

The survey for these three begonia varieties holds significant importance for breeder Koppe, as it provides valuable insights into how users perceive their products. By collecting feedback directly from the end users, the breeder and the grower can gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their begonia varieties. This information is crucial for Koppe to assess the overall satisfaction levels, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions regarding their breeding programs.


Begonia survey Laura Draghici
Laura Draghici


By sharing the survey results with their direct grower customers, Koppe can transparently demonstrate the user's perspective, enhancing trust and fostering a collaborative relationship. Ultimately, the survey empowers Koppe to refine its breeding strategies, align its offerings with customer preferences, and deliver begonia varieties that meet and exceed the expectations of its grower customers and end consumers.

Advantages and Sustainability Benefits

Understand that the introduction of better-bred begonia varieties brings numerous advantages to both growers and traders. As well as end-users. From a commercial perspective, these varieties offer improved market competitiveness, as they often exhibit superior traits that appeal to consumers, such as extended bloom periods, vibrant colors, and longer shelf life. Moreover, disease-resistant varieties reduce the risk of crop losses and the need for costly treatments, providing economic stability to growers. From a sustainability standpoint, breeding for disease resistance and better growth promotes a more ecologically responsible approach to plant cultivation. Reduced pesticide usage leads to healthier ecosystems, while enhanced growth characteristics contribute to resource efficiency, minimizing waste and conserving valuable inputs like water and fertilizers.

Overall, the breeding of better-growing and disease-resistant begonia varieties fosters a sustainable and economically viable future for the horticulture industry.

Below are the general findings of the survey:

Mocca Orange®:

Halo® (Red):

Hailey Sunset® (Yellow-Orange):


Begonia survey Alina Neacsa
Alina Neacsa


Overall Findings:

Conclusion: Based on the survey responses, it is evident that the surveyed begonia varieties, Begonia Mocca Orange®, Begonia Halo® (Red), and Begonia Hailey Sunset® (Yellow-Orange), received positive feedback for their quality, appearance, and color intensity. Respondents expressed a willingness to choose these varieties over others in their respective color categories. The feedback provided valuable insights into some areas for a small improvement, including that some argue for better flower distribution, longer stems, and more eco-friendly packaging. These findings can be used to further enhance the begonia offerings and meet customer preferences.


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