Begonia Grower JP ten Have
Visiting the Amazing Begonia Grower JP ten Have Explore the world of begonias with J and P ten Have, leading cultivators and innovators in the floral industry.
Flower Trials selecta 2022
Registrations Are Open for Flowertrials 2023 The annual must-visit event for pot and bedding plant professionals.
Koppe Begonia Interview Peter ten Have feature on Thursd
Peter ten Have - Passionate About Begonias A candid interview with the owner of Dutch high-end nursery J&P Ten Have about growing the perfect plants.
Feb 22 | 6 min read
Grower Kuipers Thinks Big With Small Begonia Sweeties feature on Thursd
Think Big With Small Begonia Sweeties Let's find out about a passion that stretches out no further than 9 centimeters, but is big in many ways.
Nov 10 | 5 min read
Berghoef Plants Grows Beleaf Begonias in a Rainbow of Colors feature on Thursd
Berghoef Plants Grows Beleaf Begonias in a Rainbow of Colors For sure it's about time that the world gets to know these outlandish plants that are very grateful, easy-to-maintain, with a long lifespan, and a high decoration value.
Sep 15 | 7 min read
Koppe Begonia assortment - on Thursd Featured Wide
Koppe Has THE Most Complete Begonia Assortment for Your Home and Summer Garden All of these unique flowers are 100% Koppe, exhibiting a powerful palette of colors, plus have a vast number of petals for fuller-looking blooming flowers
Andre Vreugdenhil - With Young Begonia Plants in Trays - on Thursd.
All You Want to Know About the World of Begonias - An Interview With André Vreugdenhil With background info, a market update, and why it is the right choice to go for begonias from Koppe Begonia
Jun 02 | 6 min read
Thursd Wide Feature Put Your Begonias Outdoor and Enjoy Them All Summer Long
Put Your Begonias Outdoor and Enjoy Them All Summer Long With so many varieties to choose from, don't shy away from experimenting with adding begonias to your outdoor space this summer.
Apr 19 | 4 min read
Begonia Belove Lets You Chose - Indoor or Outdoor feature - on Thursd
Begonia Belove Lets You Choose - Indoor or Outdoor What's your pleasure? Anything goes for these beautiful rich-flowering plants, just as long as you are fully enjoying your spring and summertime.
Thursd Wide Feature Pink Begonia Plants for Mothers Day Yes Please
Pink Begonia Plants for Mother's Day? Yes, Please! If mom is feeling a little bouquet-fatigued this year, then shake things up this Mother's Day by gifting one of these stunning pink begonias instead.
Look at These Amazing Begonia Sweeties in Little Pots In cooperation with Pligt Professionals, Koppe Begonia released a brand new line called Begonia Sweeties, a beautiful range of compact flowering begonias.
Feb 16 | 3 min read
Catch That Summer Feeling With These Winter Begonias Your winter doesn't have to be bleak because begonias are here to add a much-needed dose of that vitalizing summer feeling into our lives during the colder months.
Jan 19 | 3 min read

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