Embracing Nature, the Art of Biophilic Design in Chengdu, China

Discover the immense benefits of urban greenery to the environment and the quality of living in urban settings.

By: THURSD. | 31-01-2024 | 3 min read
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Chengdu, China

Globally, architects are keen to create eco-friendly cities and structures that are sustainable. Vertical gardens have been used as a strategy to incorporate nature in towering structures, adding allure and nature's wellness. The Qi Yi Forest Garden in Chengdu, China is among the cities making head waves with its biophilic design in their pursuit of becoming a green haven.

Touted as the 'eco-paradise' Chengdu's biophilic design approach has been rapidly deployed across different building designs within the city. However, the QI YI Forest Garden structure, with 826 units and its plant-filled balcony, has created a desirable greenery, an overgrown backyard hanging in the sky.

Biophilic Design Redefines Urban Living in Chengdu, China

Chengdu's biophilic design which was first launched as an experimental green project involving two towers with 826 apartments, underscores the immense value of plants in our daily lives. Plants make you feel good, inspired, and rejuvenated, not overlooking their air-purifying benefits.

The green balcony is such a delight to the residents of the QI YI Forest Garden and it is a unique approach to the design of urban spaces. Amid chaotic noise within the city, pollution as a result of industrial activities, and climatic challenges, which are quickly catching, adding greenery into the urban settings is a great twist to improving the quality of urban environs.


Biophilic Design in Chengdu
Photo by @straits_times


Here are some of the benefits associated with having greenery or vertical gardens in residential buildings;

Environmental Value

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these plants play a crucial role in filtering or purifying the surrounding air. Through the absorption of CO2, Chengdu's residents are enjoying cleaner and purified air within their surroundings as a result of the green and elegant balcony filled with plants.

Noise Reduction

Given how chaotic urban living can be sometimes, the presence of lush greenery especially on the balcony acts as a noise barrier. Being a reliable noise reduction tool, the residents of Chengdu, China are experiencing the desired tranquility within their homes.

Mental Benefits

There is no doubt plants are good for you! Their lush greenery and beauty have a refreshing touch, which is often associated with nature. After a long day, one can unwind on their balconies, experiencing a rejuvenating escape and an opportunity to meditate and calm the chaos within them.


Chengdu, China
Photo by @straits_times


Indoor plants might not be big enough but the addition of the vertical gardens at the QI YI Forest Garden has been the secret to elevating the quality of living for Chengdu residents. Plants can effortlessly enhance our moods, and thinking and stimulate positive thinking and unimaginable peaceful experiences.

Vertical Gardens Are Cool, Only When Nurtured

The biophilic design is without a doubt a revolutionary approach to improving the state of urban settings. While infusing a desirable amount of greenery into residential like the QI YI Forest Garden project, without a meticulous plan to nurture these plants the efforts will go to waste!

Reports recently provided a review of the QI YI Forest Garden project, with an indication of rampant mosquito infestation within the 826-unit towers built in Chengdu, China in 2018. Despite the intent being good and a better way to improve urban living while being mindful of the environment. Without a proper educational program for the residents regarding how to tend to these plants, as they grow bigger and lush they like to house different types of animals and insects including the harmful mosquitoes.


Chengdu, China
Photo by @straits_times


Plants are living organisms, as you water them, continuously monitor and plan for timely pruning to prevent them from being a habitat for harmful birds or insects that might be harmful to your household.

That notwithstanding, biophilic design at the heart of Chengdu, China, remains innovative and follows the steps of creative building design approaches around the world, which are rooted in sustainability. The ravaging effects of climate change are a reminder that efforts like biophilic design are much-needed in urban settings to add more greenery and invite nature's elegance and its immense benefits.


Pictures by @straits times.



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