BLOOM's Striking Summer Floral Designs

Summer is here and so is BLOOM's

By: THURSD. | 23-06-2021 | 1 min read

Summer is here and so is BLOOM's. With another edition featuring beautiful summer floral designs full of that summer cheer. Scroll down for a sneak peek of Bloom's View summer floristry with sophisticated techniques and striking arrangements.

It's Time For Striking Summer Floral Designs

Elaborate floristry techniques can be used to make striking sculpture-like arrangements with summer blooms in all their diversity. The handcrafted flower frog not only adds appeal, but due to its natural materiality, it is also perfectly in line with current trends in floral art. And since such helpers can also be reused in other designs and combined with fresh-cut flowers, taking the time to make them always pays off. BLOOM’s Striking Summer Floral Designs Magazine BLOOM’s Striking Summer Floral Designs Flower Frog arrangement

Customers Love Special Touches

According to BLOOM’s master florist Dorothea Hamm, the customers of her flower shop love special touches. For this arrangement of summer flowers in wide shallow bowls filled with water and gravel, she constructed a grid of kyogi wood veneer for guiding the flower stems and giving them the necessary stability. To make this support, the short strips of veneer are bent into curls and glued together to achieve a flat structure, which looks best when overhanging the rim of the bowl. BLOOM’s Striking Summer Floral Designs Flower Frog

Artistic Grids

Cork sheeting is cut into rectangular strips and rolled into tubes, which are upended and glued together to form an artistic grid for supporting the florals. The grid is held aloft by several twigs, giving the summer flowers a chance to show off their long stems above the container filled with floral foam.

Read more about summer floral designs in BLOOM's View latest reading sample below or visit for more information.


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