Callas Are Playing Cupid for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's isn't complete with a good dose of showstopping calla lilies. Treat your loved ones' hearts with these beauties.

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A calla love story

Valentine's Day, a global celebration of love and affection, is often marked by the exchange of traditional gifts such as chocolates and roses. While these are classic choices, the calla lily is an understated but equally captivating option that deserves to be highlighted in the world of romantic flowers. Simple, elegant, and distinct, calla lilies are a one-of-a-kind way to express love on this special occasion.

Callas for Valentine's Day Because Why Not?

If you've ever bought someone a gift for Valentine's Day, chances are you've presented them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. While sending a bouquet of roses is a standard way of saying 'I love you', roses aren't the only symbolic flower that sends out a romantic and loving message to that special someone in your life. Sending a varied spread of flowers such as calla lilies to say something more specific can come across as more meaningful. In this case, Simply Calla shares a special edition about the uniqueness of callas for important occasions, their special meaning, and how they can become a staple flower for this type of celebration.


Vday arrangement with callas
Valentine's Day arrangement using pink and white callas to create the perfect color combo
Photo: iBulb


The meaning of the calla lily varies by type and color, making calla lilies carry a range of meanings. Did you know one of the most common ones is faithfulness, making them a great way to show devotion? They can also demonstrate appreciation, admiration, charm, and passion while also saying 'you're beautiful' to that particular person who makes your life better. That said, callas for Valentine's are all in because it's time to be different and give differently. Love can be expressed in many ways and callas are ready to play cupid! You can opt to give a bouquet of calla lilies to your Valentine to tell them how stunning you find them.


The perfect arrangement for Valentines with dark red callas
Surprise that special someone with an out-of-the-ordinary bouquet of callas


Elegance and Romanticism in One Flower

The calla lily's slender, trumpet-shaped shape shows off an understated elegance, distinguishing it from more common Valentine's Day flowers. Its clean lines and unadorned beauty make a statement flower without requiring elaborate embellishments. Choosing it as a Valentine's Day gift can send a heartfelt and direct message of love. Its pristine white petals represent the purity of emotions, making it an appropriate choice for expressing genuine feelings.


Purple colored callas for a perfect Vday gift
Looking for a perfect gift? A bouquet like this with tones of pink and purple is a great choice for Valentine's Day
Photo: @bookaynyc


While white is the classic color for calla lilies, they are also available in various hues, offering versatility in expressing different emotions. Shades like deep red, pink, or even vibrant yellow can be chosen to match the specific sentiment you want to convey on Valentine's Day. As you may know, yellow flowers symbolize friendship, so if you're looking to gift your best friends a divine bunch of flowers for V-day, yellow calla lilies work like a charm.


A mix of pink blooms for a Valentines Day arrangement
A mix of pink callas, hydrangeas, and white blooms for a perfect Valentine's Day arrangement


Important to know that, unlike some other flowers that may fade within a few days, calla lilies are known for their longevity. When properly cared for, these blooms can last for an extended period, serving as a lasting reminder of your affection. This durability adds practicality to the beauty of the gift. Voila! You have everything in one flower.


Fiery red callas for Valentines Day
Fiery red callas
Photo: @bliss_bouquet


Dare to Love Differently This Valentine's Day With Calla Lilies

Were you aware that the calla lily's name comes from the Greek word for 'beauty'? These stunning blooms certainly live up to their name! In the Victorian language of flowers, calla lilies could be used to celebrate great beauty, and pink calla lilies convey admiration and appreciation. With these meanings, calla lilies are the perfect way to send a heartfelt compliment this Valentine's Day.


Different types of arrangements with callas for Vday
Different types of arrangements using burgundy-toned callas, hydrangeas, and orchids along with plants create amazing V-day arrangements to give as gifts


This flower is also very simple in its own unique way. The calla lily's minimalist aesthetic makes it an ideal choice for individuals who appreciate simplicity. Its unpretentious beauty can be particularly appealing to those who prefer thoughtful gestures over grandiose displays. Just remember that when done right, flowers are the perfect gift not only for Valentine's Day but for every single occasion in life.


The perfect pink calla bouquet for Valentines
The perfect pink calla bouquet for Valentine's exists!
Photo: iBulb


For a moodily romantic Valentine's celebration, calla lilies will be an amazing companion to celebrate love. Ditch the chocolates and up your Valentine's game with these total showstoppers.


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