​Porta Nova's Rose Red Naomi, a symbol of passionate love
Rose Red Naomi Is the Symbol of Love and Passion Her association with love stories dates back centuries and transcends cultures.
Dutch Flower House has successfully penetrated the U.S. market with its innovative and sustainable dried flower concepts.
Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts A dried flower wholesaler that serves a diverse clientele, including global hotels and retailers across Europe and America.
Valentine's Day
The Meaning and Popularity of Red Roses on Valentine's Day The purest and most reliable symbol to express deepest sentiments, it is nature's poetry wrapped up in velvety yet delicate petals.
Apr 06 | 6 min read
Roses are red poem red feature
The Origin of the 'Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue' Poem Where did the ultimate Valentine's Day cliché come from and where does it go?
Apr 06 | 3 min read
Most Popular Holidays Flower Industry square feature
The Most Popular Holidays in the Flower Industry These are the yearly holidays in which millions of flowers are sold and take over completely.
Clement Tulezi, the CEO of the Kenya Flower Council
10 Questions to Clement Tulezi, the CEO of the Kenya Flower Council "KFC's goal is to make Kenya the best destination for investing in cut flowers and ornamentals."
Mar 20 | 9 min read
​Porta Nova’s ‘Perfectly Green’ Rose Red Naomi Sustainably Produced With Green Consciousness.
Enhanced Green Consciousness in Cultivating the Perfect Rose Red Naomi Porta Nova's sustainability efforts just got a notch higher with its latest innovative approaches.
Consumer Spending Trends During Valentine’s Keep On Growing
Sharing Love in Record Numbers - Growing Consumer Spending Trends During Valentine’s Consumer spending during this year’s Valentine's season was anticipated to grow.
Feb 21 | 5 min read
French Federation of Florist Artisans Is Against Rose Bashing, Supports International Flower Imports
French Federation of Florist Artisans Has Spoken Out Against Rose Bashing Some climate experts argue that rose production is detrimental to the climate and harms the environment. What do players in the flower industry think?
How U.S. Border Patrol Keeps Valentine's Flowers' Pests and Diseases at Bay
Valentine’s Love Blossoms - How U.S. Border Patrol Keeps Flower Pests and Diseases at Bay During Valentine's season, floral trade and shipment gets into high gear. Authorities are required to check the spread of pests and diseases.
Colored Gypsophila from Ball SB
Flowers and Love - Celebrating Valentine's Day With Gypsophila At the heart of our Valentine's Day celebration, we find the lovely colored gypsophila from Ball SB.
Feb 12 | 4 min read
Pink roses for Valentines Day
10 of the Most Romantic Flowers for Valentine's Day Not sure which Valentine's flowers to send? Take a look at 10 of the most romantic flowers for Valentine's Day.
Feb 09 | 7 min read

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