This Is Christmas BLOOM’s Trend 'Rich & Botanic'

In the 'Rich & Botanic' trend, you can really revel in green, and colorful accents make it even more vibrant.

By: THURSD. | 17-09-2021 | 3 min read
Christmas Designs
As the color of nature, green is becoming increasingly important, especially during the Christmas season. An abundance of evergreen florals and natural materials pays respect to the environment and promises a familiar-natural celebration. Botanicals are the order of the day. In combination with luxurious accessories, different materials, tactile surfaces, and many highlights, Christmas becomes a sensual and festive event. This trend 'Rich and Botanic' from BLOOM's will bring Christmas into your house.

Christmas BLOOM's Trend Rich & Botanic - Very Rich

Of course, the color green belongs to Advent and wintertime. Just by the fir green of the Advent wreath or the Christmas tree. In the 'Rich & Botanic' trend from BLOOM's, you can really revel in green. Colorful accents make it even more vibrant. No color epitomizes everything natural better than green. Lush winter greenery expresses the love of home, and the beauty of noble blooms accentuates our festive spaces consciously and with deep reverence for these natural treasures. Botanicals are the order of the day. In combination with bark structures, blossoms, and festive accessories, the workpieces look noble and sensual at the same time. Green in all its variations is in demand here: yellow-green moss green, sage green, gray-green to petrol tones in the accessories. Flowers in Bordeaux and darker violet to pink hues set accents. Matte gold is perfect for festive occasions and adds a sophisticated touch. Let yourself be inspired by our pieces, which all in all have a certain luxuriousness due to precious materials, massages, and opulent appearances, but still, score with naturalness.

Room Object

This attention-grabbing piece enchants with its sophistication. The base is the ready-to-trade cone ball, which is put on a metal stand and topped with the plants in kokedama technique (root ball wrapped with moss) by means of plug wire fixation. Complementary vines, fairy lights as well as accessories emphasize the naturalness on the one hand and the festive occasion on the other. Our tip: For maintenance, regularly spray the object with water
Trendthema Rich+Botanic - Bloom's Winter Christmas Trends 2021 - Bloom's article on Thursd
Trend theme Rich & Botanic

Advent Wreath

This Advent wreath is an absolute eye-catcher. The stick candles incorporated the colors of the materials used, such as the flowers and green materials. In this opulent wreath, the diverse mix of winter greens such as moss, eucalyptus, sage, cheap weed, holly, and more is impressive. Even topical greenery like pilea and corokia are used in a varied way. They are joined by cones and flowering florals that emerge from the greenery of the wreath.

Room Divider

In the Christmas trend Rich & Botanic from BLOOM's makes us check: Noble and filigree, the man-sized room divider looks through the long yet delicate branches that form the framework. The many blooming florals, such as the orchids, provide freshness and great accents. Christmas BLOOM's Trend Rich and Botanic - Article on Thursd (2)

Floral Arch

As if floating, this arch of lush greenery looks above the tabletop. Decorated with a variety of Christmas decorations. In addition to the impressive shape of the piece, the many different species of winter greenery, such as spruce, juniper, and cryptomeria, make this arch very special. Christmas BLOOM's Trend Rich and Botanic - Article on Thursd (4)

Details Trend Rich & Botanic

rich green-gold effects - calm - refined - elegant - natural - botanical drawings - natural effects - moss - pine needles - marble - tweed - bouclé - wool - handcrafted ceramics - rough glazes - textured surfaces - leaf structures - dry material - natural wood - bark - bark structures - light and shine effects - mirror effects - traces of aging.



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