Daffodils Bloom Better With Chrysal

These are the tools from Chrysal to get the most out of your gracious King of Spring.

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Wish for a sunny spring, and you will be answered by daffodils everywhere! First, they pop up in the parks and gardens. That's your sign to get these fragrant heralds of spring into your house as well. And to enjoy these narcissi for a long time, use these tips and tricks from grower W.F. Leenen and Chrysal.

Narcissus Is the King of Spring

Before we all get mixed up. What's the name of this flower? Narcissus, daffodil, jonquil? It's the same flower. Only, 'daffodil' and 'jonquil' are the so-called common names of a flower with the botanical name 'narcissus'. Yes, the same narcissus from that strange disease 'narcissism' causing overactive vanity. And that is then derived from a figure in Greek mythology who was so into himself that he fell in love with his own reflection and never got over it.

Sad story, sad ending, but not for the flower that is a show-off as well and is open up for love from anyone. Daffodils jump up on the first signs of spring and when the flower opens the crown in the center of the bloom tells you who's the real King of Spring.


Image left: Narcissus Tahiti and Narcissus Prizewinner, by Jeanine Govaers. Image right: Narcissus Jack Snipe, by Wilfried Overwater, courtesy of iBulb.


Tips & Tricks From Grower W.F. Leenen & Zn.

Jaco Leenen is the owner and director of specialized narcissus grower W.F. Leenen & Zn. The nursery has a history of over 65 years in the Dutch bulb area, growing over twenty varieties of narcissus. W.F. Leenen markets its products under the quality brand of Decorum,


"The best way to enjoy your daffodils for a long period is to use clean water and place the flowers in a relatively cool room, about 17-20 degrees Celsius is fine. This makes the flowers open up better and make the colors come to life even more.

We use Chrysal Clear Narcissus especially when we mix our daffodils with other flower varieties. This boosts the purchase of flowers with our clients who give or sell this flower food to their end-consumers."


Narcissus grower Jaco Leenen (image by Decorum) and his greenhouse.


Tips & Tricks From Chrysal

To keep your narcissi beautiful for a really long time, cut flower producer Chrysal has a few helpful tips and tricks.

If you are a florist and you want your customer to return happy for more flowers on a next occasion, always add flower food to the sale. It's probably your best investment in a long-term relationship with your customer who will see this as a service from a professional, exactly the reason to visit a specialized florist.

For daffodils, the ideal flower food is Chrysal Clear Narcissus, a little powder sachet that ensures your customer enjoys these flowers longer. It mixes easily and clearly in water, it is odorless, providing all the necessary ingredients for the full development of the narcissus. Moreover, it neutralizes the harmful daffodil slime in mixed bouquets. Accurate dosing is essential for maximum satisfaction, so check the ratio of water, flowers, and powder.


Image left: Trend 2021 Human Touch Indoor, by Wouter Koppen. Image right: Tulip Bouquet, by Wilfried Overwater, courtesy of iBulb.


Help! There Is a Narcissus in My Bouquet!

It's not easy being a flower next to a narcissus. The king of spring demands a lot of attention and can be quite intolerant toward other flowers. They are known for secreting a damaging slime when cut. The slime can have a negative effect on the other flowers in a mixed bouquet and can drastically decrease vase life. But it would be a shame not to use this beautiful flower in a mixed bouquet. So how can you avoid these negative effects? Luckily, there are multiple solutions to this problem in your store and at home.

In Your Store


Narcissus Bright and Breezy - on Thursd

Trend 2022 'Bright & Breezy'. Image by Wouter Koppen, courtesy of iBulb.


At home

Making sure the flowers will be at their best at home is of course very important too. We suggest providing Chrysal Clear Narcissus flower food, which makes flowers last up to 60% longer. Below you can find a list of all the advantages:


Chrysal Clear Narcissus  - on Thursd

Narcissus Avalanche. Image courtesy of iBulb.



Chrysal Banner Narcissus on Thursd-01

Header image Narcissus Paperwhite, by Wouter Koppen, courtesy of iBulb.



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