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Decorum is the premium brand of over fifty Dutch growers. All family-owned businesses, many third or fourth-generation growers. These growers work together to create a strong brand that stands for quality, innovation, and sustainability. That brand is Decorum.

Always Changing & Always Exciting

With hundreds of innovations each year, the assortment of Decorum is always changing and always exciting. Decorum growers invest in sustainability. From natural energy projects to the most advanced growing techniques, Decorum growers work hard to make the world a better place. Less plastic and a lower CO2 footprint are key in our sustainability goals.

Only the Best

It goes without saying that only the best plants and flowers are selected for the Decorum brand. Our growers have a great passion for plants and flowers. Just like you. The Decorum quality label is our promise that all the products are premium quality with a longer lifespan.


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Decorum Company Europa 1, 2672 ZX Naaldwijk

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Iris Apollo Iris Blue Magic Iris Casablanca Iris Chopin Iris Céladon Iris Liva Iris Magenta Iris Sapphire Iris Scarlett Iris White Magic Iris Hong Kong Iris Prof Blaauw Iris Purple Sensation Charmelia® Pink Alstroemeria Florinca Mojito Alstroemeria Nadya Charmelia® Blush Alstroemeria Green Planet Alstroemeria Florinca Green Crown Charmelia® Yellow Alstroemeria Virgin Queen Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon Aphelandra Squarrosa Jatropha Multifada Jatropha Podagrica Compacta Lisianthus Rosita® White Lisianthus Bohemian Black Violet Lisianthus Dizzy Lizzy Lisianthus Botanic Pink Lisianthus Heavenly Peach Lisianthus Sabrina Orange Lisianthus Bohemian Mocha Lisianthus Alissa Brownies Lisianthus Corelli Rose Roselily Carolina Roselily Leona Roselily Natalia Roselily Viola Roselily Samantha Roselily Ciara Roselily Aisha Roselily Anouska Spray Rose Femke Spray Rose Artesia Spray Rose Mint Tea Roselily Samantha Roselily Sara Roselily Natalia Roselily Sita Primula Sweet Kisses Celosia Deep Purple Caracas Celosia Hot Topic Celosia XXL Orange Celosia XXL Purple Celosia XXL Red Cyclamen Merita Red Celosia Wild Ranunculus Amandine Marshmallow Chrysanthemum Avignon Chrysanthemum Gilbert Leigh Purple Chrysanthemum Louis Germ Ranunculus Aazur Cream Ranunculus Aazur Orange Ranunculus Aazur Pink Ranunculus Aazur White Chrysanthemum Momoko Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper Chrysanthemum Gustav Chrysanthemum Bellavista Chrysanthemum Saffina Dark Chrysanthemum Etrusko White Chrysanthemum Ofir Amaryllis Ferrari Peony Dr. Alexander Fleming Peony Coral Sunset Peony Ivory Victory Peony Dynasty Tulip Strong Gold Parrot Tulip Crown of Dynasty Tulip Tresor Tulip Rambo Sansevieria Zeylanica Perfium Scented Orchids Areca Catechu Dracaena Surculosa Zamioculcas Zenzi Helleborus Niger 'Christmas' Helleborus Magnificent Bells® Anthurium Tropical Anthurium Terrasol Anthurium Sonate Royal Anthurium Pistache Anthurium Moments Anthurium Choco Begonia Jungle Black Begonia Baladin Begonia Grace Begonia Belove Peach Begonia Belove Pink Begonia Belove Yellow Begonia Belove Red Exacum Affine Sapphire Dianthus Oscar Red Schlumbergera Red Hydrangea Hy-pe Avantgarde Aglaonema Stripes Bromelia Guzmania Mix Celosia Act Diva Howea forsteriana -Kentia Cymbidium Kensi Aster Showmakers® Arctic White Aster Showmakers® Baby Pink Chrysanthemum Fireworks™ Mix Haworthia Limifolia Phalaenopsis Emiliya Alocasia Zebrina Alocasia Yucatan Princess Monstera Deliciosa Schefflera Arboricola Compacta Musa Basjoo Chrysanthemum Baltica Chrysanthemum Baltica Yellow Solanum Pseudocapsicum Osteospermum Serenity Blue Eyed Beauty Osteospermum FlowerPower Ice Osteospermum Dalina Felicia Spathiphyllum Bellini Spathiphyllum Chopin Spathiphyllum Strauss Spathiphyllum Torelli Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle Canna Cannova® Mango Narcissus Paperwhite Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or Narcissus Avalanche Alstroemeria Primadonna Alstroemeria Lemon Lily OT Dalian Begonia Maculata Begonia Beleaf Alaska Creek Begonia Beleaf Asian Tundra Begonia Beleaf Inca Night Chrysanthemum Santini Maverick White Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Gold Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Orange Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Salmon Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Sweet Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison White Chrysanthemum Santini Calimero Shiny Chrysanthemum Santini Calimero Apricot Chrysanthemum Santini Calimero Pink Chrysanthemum Santini Calimero Minty Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Sunny Allium Gladiator Allium Purple Rain Allium Schubertii Amarine Anastasia Amarine Emanuelle Amarine Paris Protea Blushing Bride Protea Ayoba Arctic Ice Protea Madiba Hypericum Coco Avanti Veronica Smart Artist Veronica Smart Enjoyce Veronica Smart Caya Veronica Smart Luna Veronica Smart Diana Veronica Smart June Hypericum Coco Tiamo Hypericum Coco Kimono Hypericum Coco Casino Veronica Smart Fountain Veronica Smart Splash Veronica Smart Wave Chrysanthemum Santini Doria Orange Chrysanthemum Santini Maverick Sunny Rose Athena® Rose Red Torch Rose High Key Gypsophila Xlence® Gypsophila Grandtastic Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Cherry Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Mellow Scabiosa Blackberry Scoop® Alstroemeria Himalaya Ruscus Hypophyllum Rose Freedom Rose Amnesia® Gypsophila Rainbow Gypsophila Million Stars Gypsophila Mirabella Scabiosa Raspberry Scoop® Scabiosa Lavender Hoop Scoop® Scabiosa Tutti Frutti Scoop® Bupleurum Griffithii Rose Explorer Rose Deep Purple Rose Sweet Unique Dianthus Barbatus Green Ball Rose Confidential Rose Carpe Diem Rose Pink O'Hara® Rose Free Spirit® Rose White O'Hara® Rose Mayra's Bridal Pink® Rose Kahala Rose Menta Rose Frutteto Rose Lorraine Craspedia Paintball Jumbo
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