Daniel Popper's Larger Than Life Sculptures

Daniel Popper's most famous work incorporating greens

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Daniel Popper is an artist from Cape Town South Africa. He is a multidisciplinary artist known globally for his larger-than-life sculptures, and spectacular public art installations. Daniel has traveled the globe creating an array of sculptures, installations, and stages.

Daniel Popper

Daniel Popper specializes in interactive art, public art, stage design, installation art, and interior design. Daniel is most acclaimed for his massive public art installations at top festivals like the Electric Forest festival in the USA, Boom Festival in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, as well as Afrikaburn in the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa.


Daniel Popper's new piece for Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas. Blowing Daisies onto Daisy lane

Many of his projects include collaborations with other artists, technicians, and artisans to incorporate electronic music, LED lighting, and projection mapping as key components. Daniel creates both temporary and permanent work in public spaces.


Ven A La Luz "Come into Light", a 10 m Entrance way to Ahau Tulum. @ahautulum
Created for @artwithmetulum
in 2018. Tulum, Mexico.

Below you find some of Daniel Popper's work with greens

Thursd wouldn't be Thursd if we didn't show you some of Daniel Popper's most famous work incorporating greens.

Boom Festival

Daniel Popper:

"Amazing moment of ritual performance captured at @boomfestivalofficial. 🙏 @raul for the 🔥 pic."


Daniel Popper Boom Festival


Art With Me in Tulum, Mexico

The Art With Me festival offers experiences across multiple platforms that immerse, inspire, and activate attendees and followers. The mission of the festival is to preserve the natural environment and foster artistic development through conscious and sustainable practice. It's a community-driven festival that combines art, music, workshops, wellness, and cultural experiences into a 5-day and 4-night journey to inspire change and nurture personal growth.


Daniel Popper:

"The amazing @artwithmetulum festival has sadly come to an end for this year . But my piece is still up for one more day before we pack her up safely to be permanently installed at @ahautulum later this year."


Daniel Popper Sculptures Art With Me in Tulum, Mexico


Electric Forest festival

Daniel Popper:

"Thank you @electric_forest. That was awesome ! What a fantastic production with some of the best peeps in the festival business. We had quite a bit of work out there this year but these made me smile the most . I had such fun building these "Forest Dawgies".


Daniel Popper Dog



A-Fest is an invite-only community of 2000+ extraordinary people from 50+ countries who come together to connect, grow, and learn from the world's best teachers. It takes place once a year in 5-star paradise locations across the world. These events gather an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries, and more. A-Fest is like stepping into a different reality of wonder and magic.


Daniel Popper:

"Thank you @afest and @mindvalley for inviting me to do this installation for you. It was an amazing experience all round. I didn't know much about A-fest but was open to it and it turned out to be one of the best events I've ever attended. The people I met where some of the most powerful humans I've encountered. Genuinely focused on personal growth and making this spec of dust a better place. I am deeply grateful to have met so many of you, as described by @jasonlsilva - "woke humans". This piece #envisioningyourfuture was built in collaboration with a bunch of amazing Balinese craftsmen. Behold their mastery! Looking forward to many more projects together!"

Permanent Installation Fort Lauderdale Florida

His latest piece titled Thrive stands nearly 30 feet tall and is constructed from 14 tons of glass fiber reinforced concrete. The piece was recently unveiled at Society Las Olas, a residential complex in Fort Lauderdale, and will function as a permanent public art installation on the ground floor.


Daniel Popper Permanent Installation Fort Lauderdale Florida3


"Finally got to complete our install our first piece of 2020. THRIVE is a 14 ton Glass Fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) permenent install in Down Town Fort Lauderdale Florida. For @society.lasolas. Thank you to @shear.ryan and PMG property markets group for giving me the opportunity to create this artpiece to the city of Fort Lauderdale."

And, there's more...

"Open Heart. 5-meter height. Wood, concrete, and greenery. A permanent installation in Bentonville Arkansas at @comptongardensnwa. Created originally for the @heartlandsummit
in 2018."
"Remember when we super spread love! Stay safe beautiful people. Modem Festival, Slunj, Croatia @modemfestival. Pic by @obskurclair
"ASANA. Tulum Mexico. The entrance portal to the pavilion area of the annual @artwithmetulum
event. 6 meters."


News Majestic Human + Nature Exhibition by Daniel Popper
Jun 04 | 2 min read

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