Den Ouden Groep Helps the Horti Footprint Chain Program With Circular Solutions

Den Ouden are the creators of tomorrow, sharing its knowledge and experience about how you can look at your horticultural activities in a different way.

By: THURSD. | 04-02-2022 | 3 min read

Den Ouden joins as a participant in the Horti Footprint Chain Program. This family business is often the ‘silent force’ behind the sustainable substrate, soil improvers, and fertilizers from international agricultural and horticultural suppliers. Many growers use their products to, for example, reduce the use of peat in potting soil.

The Creator of Tomorrow

Den Ouden Groep is the creator of tomorrow. A cooperative of divisions, each with their own special tasks on different levels, creates solutions that contribute to a sustainable living environment. They make a difference with smart infrastructural, healthy soil, and circular bio-based products and service.


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Take a division like Den Ouden PHC (Plant Health Cure), supplying useful soil fungi, soil bacteria, and other means that make plants resilient and function better. After all, the best crop protection comes from its own plant resistance. PHC makes it possible to drastically save on pesticides, but also on fertilizers. And that makes a significant contribution to making the green sectors more sustainable.


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Den Ouden PHC


Or take Den Ouden Ferm O Feed. We're facing an increasing world population, but a decreasing amount of fertility in our Earth’s soil. In many places and countries in the world food is or becomes scarce, because the human population exhausts the planet’s resources. Ferm O Feed is a producer of organic solutions helping Earth maintain its fertility by producing organic solutions.



Luuk Braam (Product Development Manager) and Lex Mulder (Marketeer Organic) of Den Ouden Groep:

"Everything in our company is aimed at sustainability, consciously and unconsciously."


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Den Ouden Has Been an Expert for Decades

Den Ouden Groep has been an expert for decades in processing residual flows into high-quality, organic solutions for agriculture and horticulture. During the entire process, the aim is to achieve the maximum sustainable return with the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

There is no such thing as waste for Den Ouden Groep. The organization closely examines the product demand and creates a sustainable solution based on residual flows. The residual flows, such as wood, leaves, and grass, are extracted as locally as possible and largely come from governments and (agriculture and horticulture) companies. These are collected at 13 locations in the Netherlands.

Den Ouden makes cultivation solutions from these sustainable raw materials in the form of substrate, soil improvers, and organic fertilizers, among other things. With these products they want to make plants grow better and stronger, reducing the need for fertilizers and chemicals. In this way, they support resilient cultivation and a circular chain is also guaranteed. And that in no fewer than 75 countries worldwide.


Luuk Braam and Lex Mulder:

"The best substrate is good for the plant and not harmful to the environment."


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Why participate in the Horti Footprint Chain Program?

Den Ouden participates in the Horti Footprint Chain Program, to share its knowledge and experience about how you can look at your horticultural activities in a different way. They also find it interesting to find out what effect their sustainable solutions have on the environmental footprint of products further down the chain.

In addition, the organization hopes to contribute to food security at an international level with its products. Den Ouden wants to produce these products in the most climate-neutral way possible. The Horti Footprint Chain Program can provide new insights in this area.


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