Dive Deep Into the Blue With Rosalind Hobley's Bold Blooming Cyanotypes

Her series 'Still Life' features a cast of dahlias, anemones, roses, and peonies that sit like regal subjects.

By: THURSD. | 14-06-2022 | 3 min read
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Are you a fan of both photography and blooms? It is with Rosalind Hobley's artwork that these two amazing features mix and create bold blooming cyanotypes. If you're ready to dive deep into the blue, you won't want to miss out on the exuberant cyanotypes Rosalind has prepared for you.

Ehm... Cyanotypes...?

In the word 'cyanotype' is already the part 'cyan' telling you something about color. It's actually a slow-reacting, economical photographic printing formulation sensitive to a limited near-ultraviolet and blue light spectrum, known as UVA radiation. This process produces a monochrome, blue-colored print on a range of supports, often used for art, and for reprography in the form of blueprints.

Read more about cyanotype and its processes on Wikipedia.


Deep blue cyanotypes flower


Dive Deep Into the Blue With Bold Blooming Cyanotypes by Rosalind Hobley

London-based artist Rosalind Hobley has made her audience live a very interesting, into-the-blue experience with bold cyanotypes involving flower photography of course. Expressive, yet blooming cyanotypes feature flowers that embody portrait-like pictures through varied textures and astounding shapes. Rosalind has managed to mix her love for blooms and photography and has created magic through her unique pictures.

Rosalind Hobley's 'Still Life' Series

As part of her cyanotype portfolio and work, she exposes 'Still Life', a series that features a cast of dahlias, anemones, roses, and peonies that sit like regal subjects. Originally trained in figurative sculpture, Rosalind uses light and shade to accentuate the form and gesture of each flower, to give it an extra special touch. She wants each portrait to be different, yet unique and eye-catching. This is why she decided to dive deep into the blue with bold, blooming cyanotypes.


Deep blue cyanotypes flower


Deep blue cyanotypes flower


More Behind Rosalind Hobley's Blooming Blue Cyanotypes

Cyanotype is known to be a very early form of photography that was first invented in 1842 and named after the rich, monochromatic hues of its prints.  Behind Rosalind Hobley's visionary and expressive work, there is a very meticulous process involved which in turn allows her to create such original and bold blue cyanotypes.


Deep blue cyanotypes flower


Deep blue cyanotypes flower


Hobley explains that to make the bold blooming cyanotypes, she first coats cotton rag paper with a light-sensitive solution of iron salts and consequently then leaves it to dry in the dark. After this step, Rosalind then exposes the cyanotype to UV light under large format negatives. To finish this incredible process, she finalizes by washing the prints in water, where they develop their characteristic blue color.




Deep blue cyanotypes flower


About Rosalind Hobley

Rosalind Hobley is a talented London artist who specializes in working with alternative photographic processes such as cyanotype. She originally trained as a figurative sculptor, but later decided to use a different method involving studio lighting to show the shape and form of her portraits and still pictures.


Deep blue cyanotypes flower


Hobley has worked throughout the years in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition which is about to open up and exhibit her work from June 21st to August 21st, 2022.

If you're eager to see more of her incredible work, she also has magnificent prints available all year long through Rosalind Hobley's website, plus you can learn more about her directly on Hobley's Instagram account.



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