A Dose of Flower Art Photography by Joe Horner

"Flowers have always held a special place in my heart, stemming from my childhood days of being surrounded by my mother's love for them."

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Floral Art Photography
Flower art by Joe Horner
British photographer and floral artist has one thing clear when it comes to his work. The point of his practice is to create a soothing image for his growing audience whilst creating a cathartic experience for himself. A genius creator of floral blocks that are beautifully photographed afterward, Joe shares the story behind his artistic works of flower art.

The Interesting Background Behind the Mastermind Creator Joe Horner

Meet Joe Horner, also known as 'Flower Blocks', a  photographer and visual artist based in the UK. Horner specializes in creating stunning and vibrant pieces using flowers as the primary subject. Joe has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the prestigious Portrait of Britain, Palm Awards, and Portrait of Humanity awards, with his degree in Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art.
Horner's work has appeared in prominent publications such as Vogue, Elle, Kinfolk, and Nowness, among others, and his artistic prowess and unique perspective have solidified him as a highly sought-after creative in the industry. His upbringing has had a significant impact on Joe Horner's artistic practice. Growing up with a mother who was an avid gardener, he was exposed to the natural beauty of flowers at a young age.
Lilac toned floral blocks
However, it was her encouragement to take things out of their norm and observe their reaction that sparked the artist's curiosity and set him on a creative path. Through her guidance and support, Joe's mother instilled in him a love for the art of creation and the confidence to explore new territories. This has been instrumental in shaping his artistic style and has allowed him to push the boundaries of his work.

Flower Photography and Art With a Deep Purpose

With thousands of followers admiring his work with flowers through his unique lens and perspective, Joe's work looks at the delicate balance that exists between the natural beauty of flowers and the harsh realities of their surroundings. Through every photograph, he looks to invite the viewer to consider the interconnectedness of all things by presenting them in a surreal and unexpected manner. For him, making these works is a deeply personal and therapeutic practice.
Joe Horner photographing flowers on a mirror
He shares:
"I embrace the impermanence of these blooms, using it to create art that is as beautiful and ephemeral as the flowers themselves."
In the midst of anxiety struggles, Joe Horner found solace and peace of mind by immersing himself in the process of collecting and arranging these fleeting blooms. Each petal and stem represents a small victory over his internal turmoil and serves as a reminder that there is always a glimmer of hope and resilience even in the darkest moments.
Joe Horners floral photography art

Dating Back to the Moment Joe Horner Started Taking Photographs of Floral Blocks

Approximately 3-4 years ago Joe Horner introduced himself in what would become his life career and deep passion. At that time in his life, he had been experimenting with various ideas, and he would jot down anything that struck his mind as interesting. 'Freeze flowers!' said one of them. Joe became obsessed with seeing how the flowers would react to the cold, and things progressed from there. As he likes to say, he is unquestionably the cat who would be killed by curiosity.  As his artistic work began evolving, Joe was now conscious that in pretty much all of his floral work, he wanted to use natural light.
Mirror full of different floral varieties for a photoshoot
For him, it is crucial to keep all of the elements connected to each other. Adding studio lights or flashes somehow just doesn’t feel right for the artist. Horner shares that his flower blocks are created with ice and that the process behind every photographic piece is extremely unique and handled very carefully.  It is no surprise that he's also taken his floral art pieces into the NFT world, exhibiting his work at SuperRare Gallery in New York.
Swirling and twirling of different flowers
He has also been a part of NFT collections at Foundation and Saatchi Art NFT. Horner's photograph 'Walking Off That Edge' won the British Portrait Award. Yet, through his art, Horner seeks to capture the essence of flowers in a way that allows them to be seen and appreciated long after they have wilted away.
Amusing flower art by artist Joe Horner
Beautifully, flowers always receive a new lease of life in the hands of the UK-based photographer Joe Horner. Interested in seeing more floral art? Check out Eva Bartos' photography along with Lucy Ketchum's work!
Photos by @jwhorner_.



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