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Embark on the exploration of floral designs with amazing French florist.

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Dried Flowers Floral Designs

Aurélien Guintoli is a florist who likes to go beyond the usual codes and explore materials. He adores working with dried and stabilized flowers. His curiosity drives him to use them as materials that he sticks, that he undoes, and remakes, that he mixes with other materials, which he mixes with wax and sometimes even burns to obtain the desired effect.

Aurélien Guintoli

As one embarks on the exploration of floral design, it becomes evident that this field goes far beyond just arranging flowers. It is an intricate art form that mirrors the essence of nature in all its magnificence. Among the myriad of talented floral designers across the globe, one French artist stands out – Aurélien Guintoli. Through his innovative and captivating designs, Guintoli marries traditional aesthetics with modern approaches, creating a unique style that has undoubtedly positioned him in the upper echelons of the industry.

Aurélien Guintoli’s beginnings in the world of floristry were grounded in tradition. Born and raised in Provence, he grew up amid the lavender fields and vineyards, immersed in an environment where the harmony of nature was a daily spectacle. This early exposure became a wellspring of inspiration for Guintoli, driving him to master the traditional French floral design techniques under the tutelage of some of the best florists in Paris.

Guintoli's initial training helped him establish a firm foundation in floristry. However, he soon realized that he was not content with simply following traditional patterns. This restless spirit led him to travel extensively, observing, absorbing, and incorporating different design techniques from around the world. His style started to evolve, blending classic French elegance with international influences to create visually stunning and innovative arrangements.



Aurelien Guintoli autumn design with Christ figure


Guintoli's Signature Style

One can't discuss Guintoli's work without highlighting his signature style. His arrangements are characterized by a delicate balance between structure and spontaneity, exuding a sense of 'controlled wildness.' A testament to this is the asymmetrical composition, a recurring motif in his designs. This technique plays with our perception of balance, achieving a visually captivating equilibrium through a calculated yet organic distribution of elements.

Guintoli’s choice of materials also contributes to his distinct style. He has a penchant for incorporating indigenous French flowers like lavender, roses, and irises, often juxtaposing them with exotic specimens sourced from around the world. The result is a delightful meadow of textures and colors, reinterpreting the language of flowers in an innovative way.

An area where Guintoli’s talent truly shines is in large-scale installations. His expertise in blending architectural design and floral artistry is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Guintoli's installations, whether for weddings, fashion shows, or corporate events, become an integral part of the venue's atmosphere. The structures not only complement the architectural features of the location but also breathe life into the space through the vivid colors, tantalizing fragrances, and the intrinsic beauty of the flowers.



Sharing His Knowledge and Passion Through Workshops and Seminars

Despite his success, Guintoli maintains a humble and grounded approach. He is known for sharing his knowledge and passion through workshops and seminars, inspiring a new generation of floral designers. He firmly believes in the importance of constant learning and innovation, stating, "Floral design, like nature itself, is ever-evolving. We must embrace change and growth, constantly challenging ourselves to be better and do better."

Furthermore, Guintoli is an ardent advocate for sustainability in floristry. He promotes the use of locally sourced, seasonal flowers, and eco-friendly materials, emphasizing that beautiful designs can and should be created responsibly. This dedication to sustainability highlights Guintoli’s holistic approach, where his artistry goes hand in hand with his respect for nature and commitment to preserving it for future generations.



The world of floral design is dynamic and ever-changing, requiring artists to continuously evolve their creativity and skills. In this challenging landscape, Aurelien Guintoli has carved a distinctive path for himself. With his innovative designs, commitment to sustainability, and passion for sharing his knowledge, Guintoli exemplifies the very best qualities of a modern floral designer. He is not only creating beautiful arrangements but also positively impacting the floral industry and the environment in a sustainable, conscientious manner.

In a time where the need for connectivity to nature is increasingly essential, Guintoli’s designs offer a moment of respite. They tell stories of the changing seasons, transport you to places untraveled, and inspire a profound sense of beauty and tranquility. Each design is an echo of his passion for the natural world, blending a spectrum of colors, textures, and shapes into a harmonious symphony that captivates the senses.



A Testament to the Enduring Allure of French Floral Design

Guintoli's work is also a testament to the enduring allure of French floral design. With his nuanced understanding of the traditional techniques and his ability to innovatively adapt them to the modern context, Guintoli’s designs exhibit a timeless elegance that is quintessentially French. They serve as a gentle reminder of the charm and grace of the old-world, seamlessly melded with the vibrancy and dynamism of the new.

But perhaps what truly sets Guintoli apart is his dedication to his craft. With an unwavering commitment to his artistry, an ethos of sustainability, and a passion for sharing his knowledge, he embodies the essence of a master artisan. His work inspires not just admiration, but also a profound respect for the meticulous effort and dedication that goes into each arrangement.

Check out this amazing cross design with dried Helichrysum flowers:


More Than a Floral Designer

It has become clear that Aurelien Guintoli is more than a floral designer. He is an artist, a storyteller, and an ambassador of nature, elegantly translating the language of flowers into designs that reflect the beauty and diversity of our world. Through his compelling creations and commitment to sustainability, he is shaping the future of floral design, demonstrating that floristry can be both an exquisite art form and a force for positive change in the world.


Aurélien Guintoli design


This combination of innovative design, artistic integrity, and commitment to sustainability, makes Guintoli a true luminary in the world of floral design. As we look to the future, we can anticipate that his work will continue to inspire, influence, and set trends in floristry, reaffirming his status as one of the industry's leading figures.


All photos by Maison Guintoli.


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