10 Must See Florist Shops in London

When visiting one of the most amazing cities in the world, these are places where you can buy spectacular flowers.

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Flower shopping in London city

If you’ve ever visited London, you know: it’s an amazing place to find the most fabulous florist shops. On every corner of a small street, you can find a lovely small boutique shop with a creative interior and stunning flowers and plants.

How to Stand Out as a Flower Shop in London?

So how do you stand out from the rest as a flower shop in London? How do you make your shop worth visiting? Getting the right interior (and exterior) for your florist shop is about being innovative and always being open to new ideas. Here are ten flower shops you must visit on your next pit stop in London!

1. Wild at Heart 

Few florists in London, if not the world, are as well-known as Liberty's famous outdoor florist at the iconic department store's main entrance. Whether they bought flowers or not, almost every influencer worth their salt has photographed the colorful little corner at the famous Great Marlborough Street entrance.


Liberty London flower shop by Nikki Tibbles
'Wild at Heart' flower shop by Nikki Tibbles is at the main entrance of the Liberty store in London
Photo: @fibizzz


Nikki Tibbles of Wild at Heart, one of London's coolest florists, runs the shop, which has a kaleidoscope color palette and a wild, rustic aesthetic. If you pick up a handpicked selection the next time you're in W1, you'll be in good company: Nikki is the go-to florist for major brands like Tom Ford and Jo Malone.


Nikki Tibbles flower shop Wild at Heart
Photo: @bymalina


If you're keen to live up the flower experience in this great London shop, make sure to head to Great Marlborough Street, London W1B 5AH.

2. That Flower Shop

Founded by Hattie Fox in 2012, That Flower Shop has been through many iterations. The studio offers floral design and styling services alongside botanical design and planting consultancy. Hattie has worked with flowers and plants for over 18 years, working her way up from a flower kiosk on Portobello market, to international brand commissions and consultancy. Her time in the industry has traversed the evolution and rise of floral design and Hattie draws upon her experiences to inform her ever-evolving and inimitable style.


Outside of that flower shop by Hattie Fox
Outside view of 'That Flower Shop' by Hattie Fox
Photo: @mjtraynor


The studio, located at 62 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0L, works on a varied range of projects from weddings to set design and planting plans for garden work. Where possible Hattie strives to work in tandem with the seasons. Seeing it as a responsibility to pursue, inform, and encourage clients and collaborators to engage in sustainable processes.

Hattie and her team's creations are works of art in their own right, combining personal, wild-looking flowers with plenty of green foliage and drawing inspiration from the natural world, painters, and botanists. Her work is popular for cool London weddings, restaurants, and events, but you can find a more modest selection at her Chatsworth Road location.


Inside view of flowers at That Flower Shop
Inside view of the store
Photo: @hattieflower


3. Pulbrook & Gould

Pulbrook & Gould in Belgravia specializes in posh bouquets, and the brand's history is as fascinating as the spectacular displays they create. Lady Susan Pulbrook and Constance Spry (the Queen of Floristry)-trained Rosamund Gould and founded the florist in 1956.


Pulbrook and Gould flower shop in London
Pulbrook & Gould flower shop in London


With their breathtaking arrangements of mixed flowers, foliage, berries, and fruits sourced from private English gardens and estates, they are still regarded as one of London's best florists today. You can order one of their elaborate works of art online, in addition to weddings and top fashion and celebrity events, or visit their fascinating store at 42 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0RE.


Pulbrook and Gould flower shop from the outside
Pulbrook & Gould flower shop from the outside


4. Grace & Thorn

As a child growing up on a London Estate, it was the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in the front room of Nik's (Founder of Grace & Thorn) grandparents' home that had her mesmerized. The fact that the tree existed within the walls of a house, not in a park, made this a specimen of awe and wonder for a city child.


Nik owner of Grace and Thorn flower shop
Nik Southern owner of Grace and Thorn flower shop in London


When she opened Grace & Thorn in 2011, Nik was tired of seeing uninspiring rows of houseplants in plastic brown pots next to flowers forced into tight bouquets struggling to breathe, so she decided to do her own thing and bring out the best in plants, ready for their next home and encourage flowers to dance and sing! Since then, her philosophy has been simple: help people to see flowers and plants differently. Her flower shop at 312 Hackney Road, London, E2 7SJ is one of the best and most beautiful to visit if you're in the city.


Plants and flowers at Grace and Thorn
Photo: @graceandthorn


5. The Flower Appreciation Society

Founded over ten years ago by Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey, 'The Flower Appreciation Society' is a thriving, Hackney-based flower studio. As the name suggests, the owners both adore what they do and the flower arrangements they create. Whether sharing their expertise with other flower appreciators in workshops, working with couples to create beautiful flower arrangements for their weddings, or collaborating with well-known brands to create flower installations for events and shoots, they always bring huge enthusiasm and attention to detail to everything they do. 


The Flower Appreciation Society door
A very flowery welcome on the flower shop door by The Flower Appreciation Society
Photo: @flowersociety


At The Flower Appreciation Society, the owners source many of their flowers from their cutting garden around the corner of the studio. This is not only better for bees and the environment but also for you because their seasonal ‘garden-grown flowers’ allow them to create beautifully wild and natural-looking arrangements.


Flower workshops by the Flower Appreciation society
Photo: @flowersociety


Anna and Ellie are firmly rooted in the community, having grown up around the corner from the studio and their cutting garden is five minutes down the road from their location at BE Studios, 72A Southgate Road, London, N1 3JF.

6. Neill Strain Floral Couture

Located at 11 West Halkin Street, Belgravia, London SW1X 8JL, Neill Strain's flower shop is one of the most popular and well-known flower shops in the beautiful city of London.


Neill Strain Belgravia Boutique with flowers
Neill Strain Belgravia Boutique adorned with gorgeous colorful flowers


Neill Strain Floral Couture creates custom floral experiences with care and nuance akin to that of the highest fashion arts. A pioneer and paradigm of the flower world, Neill channels passion, skill, and environmental consciousness in every phase of his distinctive, award-winning work. All Neill Strain arrangements, whether an elegant bouquet or a vast installation, share the sole commonality of being one of a kind.


Harrods decoration with flowers by Neill Strain
Neill Strain's flower concession at Harrods has grown to a haven of rare and exceptional flowers


Headquartered in the historic neighborhood of Belgravia with an additional flower concession at Harrods, Neill Strain Floral Couture has been fashioning florals throughout London and across the world since 2008.

7. Rebel Rebel

Mare Street Market at the corner of Mare Street and Westgate Street in London E8 4RU,  is where you'll find Rebel Rebel, a florist whose name was thought up on a whim, and whose clients have included Dior and the BBC.

The business was established by two friends back in 2000, expanding to employ several florists, run workshops in London and Tuscany, and create floral displays for weddings and the like, as well as this Hackney shop. Flowers are brought fresh daily from Covent Garden Market.


Rebel Rebel flower shop in London
Photo: @rebelrebele8


Flamboyance is the name of the game, with past bouquets inspired by the likes of Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, ABBA, and Madonna — in fact, almost every one of their bouquets has a musical name. One of Rebel Rebel's signature products is 'Flowers in a Handbag' — flowers arranged in a (lined) vintage handbag, so your recipient gets two gifts in one.


Flowers in a handbag concept by Rebel Rebel
Flowers in a handbag concept by Rebel Rebel


8. Scarlet & Violet

At Scarlet & Violet's NW boutique, you could be forgiven for thinking you'd walked into a rustic Cotswolds florist. The fashion set loves them for their creative arrangements that don't look too 'done,' and each bunch has its distinct charm.


Happy flowers at a happy shop Scarlet and Violet
'Happy flowers, happy shop' as Scarlet and Violet likes to say
Photo: @scarletandviolet


Visit for inspiration, a weekend treat of blooms, or just to smell the magnificent scent created by the boutique. Head to 76 Chamberlayne Road, London NW10 3JJ to get to know more and see more of Scarlet & Violet!


Scarlet and Violet amazing flower shop in London
Photo: @scarletandviolet


9. Goode Flowers

Planning on paying a visit to one of the most fab flower shops in London? Make sure to go to 28 Charlotte Street, London, W1K 2PU if you want to experience the flower magic from Goode Flowers. If you're planning a visit to this flower shop, you are in 'Goode' hands with Pal, Scott, and Linda from Goode Flowers.


Inside view of flowers and plants at Goode Flowres
Photo: @goodeflowers


Between them, they have a wealth of experience, spanning many years, providing clients with bespoke, luxury floral creations. They are always happy to assist with all your flower and plant requirements, whether fresh or faux from their Fitzrovia boutique.


10. Sayeh & Galton Flowers

As a reputable luxury florist in London, the team behind Sayeh & Galton Flowers creates exquisite floral arrangements for any occasion. They are your premier London florist, offering everything from stunning gifts and seasonal bouquets delivered to your door to wedding and event flowers, corporate displays, and business and hospitality flowers.

They are proud of their reputation as one of the finest wedding florists in London, as well as a top corporate florist for London, and specialize in opulent bespoke designs for weddings, christenings, funerals, and other events or displays. Additionally, this flower shop supplies some of the city's largest corporations, including The City of Westminster, and we dress weddings at opulent venues such as Claridges, Blenheim Palace, and the Four Seasons Hotel.

If you like to pay Sayeh & Galton a visit, then go to 13 Flask Walk, Hampstead, London, NW31HJ.

Sayeh and Galton Flowers shop
Photo: @sayehandgaltonflowers


Are you familiar with any of these flower shops in London? Which other ones would you consider should be added to this list?



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