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Take a visit to flower paradise with these extraordinary floral designs.

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Anastasia Botica floral designer

Anastasia Botica isn't your average florist. With a background in fine arts and a passion for pushing the boundaries of floral design, she founded Urban Antidote to show her intrepid and innovative creations. From avant-garde installations to valorous bouquets, Anastasia infuses each piece with her signature style and creativity.

Meet Anastasia Botica - The Florist Behind Urban Antidote

Anastasia Botica left her law firm job not too long ago and decided to pursue her newfound passion, which she had never experienced before, as a career. Her belief and passion for Urban Antidote, her floral design studio in Melbourne, Australia, have always been certain and relentless, even during difficult times, which any business owner will tell you can be lethal and far too frequent, no matter how things appear on the outside.


Anastasia Botica floral designer
Anastasia Botica floral designer


Anastasia arranging flowers for an event

Anastasia could only dream of being where she is today, but there is so much more she can't wait to do. The last two years have been the most rewarding, exciting, and peaceful for her (because she knows she is in the right place) in her life. This week, she makes part of the florist special and you're about to know more about her exciting life as a floral designer and owner of her dazzling floral design studio where magic unveils with the moving and touch of her hands.


Spectacular strong colored arrangement by Urban Antidote
A spectacular strong-colored arrangement by Urban Antidote


Arrangement in pastel tones by Anastasia Botica
An arrangement in pastel tones for an event


Your Florist for Unforgettable Events in Melbourne

What began as an idea, then transformed into her own business. Anastasia founded her floral studio in Melbourne back in 2020. Behind the brand, the motto and ultimate goal is to create modern, playful, and edgy floral designs that brighten their customers' homes and events. The designs created by Anastasia and her team are inspired by their love for color, art, fashion, pop/celebrity culture, and nature.


Anastasia Botica holding a mixed flower arrangement


From developing a creative brief to executing stunning, one-of-a-kind moments, our floral services are tailored to elevate your event and meet your every requirement. Learn how we can use floral design to transform your event.


Orchid and anthurium arrangement


Some of the services she offers are the following:

Wedding Florals for an Utter Space Transformation

Elevate your wedding with Urban Antidote's contemporary florals to make it even more beautiful. Anastasia gives a message to all the brides-to-be:

"First and foremost, you are engaged! Congratulations and thank you for considering us as your wedding florist. In addition to our bespoke wedding services, we offer customizable wedding and elopement packages to make your special day truly your own."

Anastasia and her team take great pride in curating stunning, one-of-a-kind, unforgettable wedding flowers for their clients. In their first year of business, their flowers were featured in Hello May, Ivory Tribe, Together Journal & Polka Dot Weddings. They pour their heart into their work and are so grateful to have worked already with the most incredible couples.


A colorful and varied flower arch for a wedding
A colorful and varied flower arch by Anastasia for a wedding


They love being part of your love story, so if you're in Melbourne and looking for a professional event planner plus a person who intrinsically and naturally uses the power of flowers to beautify spaces, you're in the right place with her.


Wedding flowers by Urban Antidote


Workshops to Uplift Your Floral Skills

Group classes are ideal for anyone who wants to try their hand at floral design, doesn't have the time to commit to a traditional course, admires Urban Antidote's style, wants to meet like-minded people, or is looking for a fun experience. Each floral workshop is designed to awaken your creativity and inspire your inner artist. You can check out current workshops directly on the Urban Antidote website.


Flower workshops by Urban Antidote
Flower workshops by Urban Antidote


Corporate Events Flower Fun With Urban Antidote

As the Creative Director, Anastasia personally designs the flowers for their corporate events in Melbourne. From creating a creative brief to executing on the day, their corporate event flower service is tailored to their client's key branding and business objectives, with a guarantee of excellence in design, color, and execution. What do they offer as part of corporate flower decoration?


Flowers for corporate events by Urban Antidote


You can explore brand activations for your product launch, PR mailers and gifting, private workshops, VIP dinners, and floral installations. The whole team makes sure to create bomb floral designs and overall aesthetics for your spaces to look divine.

Parties Full of Blooming Flowers

Imaginative floral arrangements for a wonderful party are available as well. With the help of their custom floral design service, these will help elevate any party, perfectly complementing the occasion. 

Each arrangement made is a miniature work of art intended to arouse joy and forge enduring memories. The possibilities are endless, ranging from ecstatic centerpieces to salient floral arrangements, and guess what? They're all insanely gorgeous.


Flowers for party decorations in green and peach tones


For more information about floral designs with Anastasia, visit Urban Antidote's website.


Photos by @urbanantidote.



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