Florist Special With Marta Petrioli of Flowers Living

"Growing up in the picturesque Tuscan countryside, I was surrounded by the kind of natural beauty that nurtures creativity and passion."

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Flowers Living owner Marta Petrioli

Marta Petrioli's loving relationship with flowers began in the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany, where she spent her childhood surrounded by the natural beauty of the Italian countryside. From an early age, she was captivated by the colors, shapes, and fragrances of the flowers that flourished in her grandmother's garden. It was here, through the whispering olive trees and blooming roses, that Marta's fascination with floral creation first took root. In this week's florist special, she shares all about her thriving flower business 'Flowers Living', which specializes in creating stunning wedding floral designs.

Flowers Living - A Lush Wedding Floral Design Business by Marta Petrioli

Determined to turn her passion into a profession, Marta pursued formal education in horticulture, eager to deepen her understanding of the botanical world. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a thirst for creativity, she gave herself a chance to adventure into the world of floral design. Drawing inspiration from the rich Italian culture and the beauty of the environment that surrounded her, Marta sharpened her work, experimenting with different styles, techniques, and materials to create arrangements that stood out from the crowd and were extra unique. In no time, she was fully dedicated to the flower wedding world, and became her true passion in life.


Flowers Living founder Marta Petrioli
Flowers Living founder Marta Petrioli in a recent floral installation she created in Positano, Italy


As her skills became greater, Petrioli's reputation as a talented floral designer began to spread, attracting the attention of clients and colleagues alike. Her ability to blend a traditional elegance taste with contemporary flair set her apart in the competitive world of floral design (especially for weddings), earning her recognition and acclaim within the industry. Yet, despite her success, Marta remained humble and grounded, always striving to push the boundaries of her creativity and explore new avenues of expression.


Marta Petrioli working her magic with flowers
Marta working her creativity and design skills with flowers


She shares:

"My story is not just a professional journey, but a vivid narrative of a lifelong passion. Growing up in the picturesque Tuscan countryside, I was surrounded by the kind of natural beauty that nurtures creativity and passion. This connection to my surroundings seems to have been a fundamental influence on my career path.

My experience in observing and preserving flowers since childhood, combined with my formal education in Foreign Languages and Literature and Interior Design, creates a unique mix of skills and sensibilities. This background gave me a distinctive approach to floral and interior design, where I can merge artistic creativity with a deep understanding of cultural and literary contexts."


Table arranging with flower designs


The Start of Flowers Living

In 2013, Marta opened her own business, starting with an inspiring blend of distinctive flowers with exclusive home decorations. This combination likely offered her clients a unique and personalized experience.

Three years after launching her floral boutique she ventured into applying her creativity and expertise to design floral arrangements for weddings, as well as private and corporate events. It was a dream come true for her. The experience of working with different clients, forging new partnerships, and exploring various venues has been exhilarating for Marta.


Florences love affair by Marta Petrioli
'Florence's Grand Love Affair' by Marta Petrioli


Each project presents a unique opportunity, fueling her passion for crafting distinctive, bespoke designs. There’s an immense sense of fulfillment in witnessing the transformation of conceptual ideas into stunning realities. This aspect of her work is the most rewarding according to Petrioli along with working with a built floral family to make Flowers Living the best space and offer outstanding floral services for their customers.


A modern eclectic wedding floral decor


Chuppah decor flourishing with bright colors


Marta expresses:

"When my clients express that the final creation surpasses their dreams, it is incredibly gratifying. Such feedback is proof of my dedication and achievements throughout the years, highlighting the exceptional quality of my work. This kind of satisfaction, where my artistic vision not only meets but exceeds client expectations, is a powerful affirmation of my creativity in floral design. It’s moments like these that make all the effort and passion I put into my work truly worthwhile."


Wedding florals in pastel colors


A United Team of Dedicated Flower Lovers

Marta is the Visionary Founder and Lead Designer of Flowers Living. Marta’s passion for flowers goes beyond their beauty; she sees the potential in every petal. With years of experience, she guides the team with a steady hand and an innovative mind, ensuring that every design carries a touch of magic.


Wedding bouquet by Marta Petrioli
A soft and graceful wedding bouquet by Marta


Bright floral decorations using orchids
Bright floral wedding decorations using orchids as the center stage


Maurizio, the Master Executive Florist is a highly experienced and skilled florist who not only excels in the artistic and technical aspects of floristry but also possesses strong leadership and management skills. Leading and managing a team of florists and support staff, providing training and mentorship, and ensuring the team delivers high-quality work that meets or exceeds clients' expectations.

Marco is specialized in purchasing the best quality flowers, making him the wholesale manager. His primary responsibility is to source and procure flowers from growers and suppliers to meet the demands of the client. Marco is always informed about trends in flower availability, new varieties, and pricing fluctuations. He oversees the logistics of flower delivery from suppliers to the warehouse and ensures proper storage conditions to maintain freshness until the flowers are delivered to the final client.

Chiara is the project manager and Client Relationship Assistant. Chiara is a combo of communicative, creative, and organizational skills. Effective communication with clients is crucial for understanding their needs and preferences, as well as ensuring their satisfaction with the floral design project. She collaborates with the client in every aspect of the floral project planning together with Marta, bringing their floral design vision to life.

Lastly, Fabrizio is the Warehouse Manager at Flowers Living. Fabrizio is responsible for materials concerning the realization of wedding floral setups, such as candle holders, vases, and other accessories, and would need a specific set of skills tailored to managing inventory and logistics for these items. He maintains and organizes warehouse layouts to facilitate easy access to items and efficient storage. This includes categorizing items, labeling shelves, and implementing systems for inventory tracking. Fabrizio coordinates the movement of materials to and from the warehouse, processing orders, and arranging deliveries to the event venues.


Floral events decorations by Flower Living


Want to keep getting inspired by Marta and her team's work? Visit Flowers Living's Instagram account and website.


Photos by @flowersliving



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