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Join this week's florist special featuring Interflora's World Cup silver medalist!

By: THURSD. | 16-03-2023 | 3 min read
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Natalia Zizko is a highly innovative Estonian-born florist based in Russia with various participations in Floral World Cups, currently holding the silver medal of World Cup 2019, a well-deserved honor for such a talented florist. All the details on Natalia, her career, and her passion will be lovingly shared in the florist special of this week.

Natalia Zizko - A True Artist

Natalia Zizko is the founder of Name Academy, and a multi-award-winning florist, teacher, and demonstrator. Natalia is based in Russia, however, she was born and raised in Estonia and now travels the world teaching and demonstrating her utter love for flowers. She enjoys traveling and finds inspiration for much of her work while doing so, with outstanding results in floral creations on her behalf.


Natalia Zhizhko florist special of the week
Natalia Zizko

She is a talented person who enjoys having fun while being one of the most passionate floral designers in the world. One of Natalia Zhizhko's best features is how devoted she is to her work while always performing and creating flower magic with a cheeky smile behind her.


Natalia Zhizhko floral designs


Some of Her Most Remarkable Professional Achievements

The beauty and harmony of flowers lie in their naturalness and originality, and for Natalia Zizko, the real art is to be able to see that and to show a bloom’s nature and uniqueness.


Natalia Zhizhko finds ways to show flowers uniqueness


Flowers are the source of her lifelong inspiration and good mood. Some of her most outstanding achievements include:


Floral arrangements by Natalia Zhizhko


A Little Background Story of Natalia Zizko

The florist special of the week featuring Natalia Zizko shares very insightful but most importantly inspirational information for those seeking to become florists nowadays. It is also crucial to know a little back story of how florists such as Natalia had an incredible leap in the industry thanks to her hard work and effort while loving what she did every single day. 


Natalia Zhizhko bio


After high school, Natalia came to Russia and enrolled in the biological faculty at the university. She had no intention of staying in Russia at first, but a lot happened while she was studying. Zizko studied floristry, obtained a job, and started working with flowers. Of course, when she hit a certain 'limit' in her career in Tomsk, the topic of continuing work arose. As a result, Natalia relocated to Moscow, a city with more prospects for growth, travel, and employment.


Natalia Zhizhko with her ice floral art


Natalia's first competitive success took place in Kyiv, where she yearned and desired to show what she represented as a creative person. In the first contest, she was driven by absolute self-doubt, but she still managed to kill it with her designs. It was at this point that there was no going back for her, and flowers became her life, literally.

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Spectacular floral work and art by Natalia Zhizhko
Spectacular floral work and art by Natalia Zizko at Fleuramour 2022.


If you wish to get inspired by Natalia's work, don't hesitate to scroll through her floral art and courses.



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