Florist Special With Noemí Iniesta

"To encounter the infinite elegance of the branch that grows and the flower that blooms and withers."

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Floral designer Noemi Iniesta

Noemí Iniesta, a floral designer by training and vocation, founded 'alblanc' as a result of a profound process of personal discovery. After a period in Belgium, she decided to return to her roots and establish her own studio in 2017 in Barcelona. Since then, she has sought to imprint her personal touch on each of her works, emphasizing the importance of the relationship between flowers and their immediate context.

From Barcelona to the World - Meet This Week's Florist Noemí Iniesta

According to owner Noemí, alblanc was born from a deep-seated need to reconnect with nature through the beauty of flowers and plants. She firmly believes that nature has the power to touch people's most emotional depths while bringing a sense of peace and harmony at the same time. She saw flowers as therapeutic both for the mind and the body.


Noemi Iniesta floral designer from Spain
Noemí Iniesta


By integrating the natural world into her life, Noemí finds a profound emotional connection that helps her feel more balanced and serene and this is what she aims to do through her brand. At alblanc, her mission is to foster this connection, helping others experience the calming and restorative benefits of flowers. For both good and bad days there's always a solution: flowers. Get to know more about the floral designer, owner of her own atelier in this week's florist special.


Noemi playing around with orchids


A variety of flowers at alblanc atelier
A variety of flowers at alblanc Atelier


Who and What is Alblanc?

Noemí lived in Belgium for five years, during which she almost unconsciously absorbed lessons about interior design, the importance of light, and a very natural way of living. At the age of 27, she returned to her hometown of Barcelona, where she rediscovered her family tradition. It was then, from the connection between craft and nature, that alblanc was born back in 2017. The Spanish brand is the union of the floral designer's passion for design, her family tradition, and the influences from all the worlds she has discovered throughout her life.


Spanish floral designer Noemi Iniesta with red peonies


She states:

"Alblanc would not be possible without the endless support of friends and family, nor without the excellent team that makes every day better."

Every floral creation is made in the atelier, located in the heart of Poblenou, a neighborhood in Barcelona with an industrial history that currently hosts a significant part of the city's creative scene. For twenty years, this space was a warehouse for batteries and light bulbs. Noemí transformed it, drawing inspiration from Catalan farmhouses and the Mediterranean.


Interiors of alblanc atelier
Interiors of the atelier


Vases and plants in alblanc atelier


They enjoyed stripping down its architecture to highlight its high ceilings and the typical Catalan vault, adding large windows to let light flow throughout the space. The atelier is a space of inspiration and gathering around nature. It occasionally opens as a shop for special occasions like Christmas and Sant Jordi, and it’s also where they organize their workshops. The rest of the time, it is their operations center.


Noemi Iniesta with a floral arrangement


According to Noemí, entering the atelier is like being transported to summer, to a slow pace, and walking barefoot. Four spaces are united into one for welcoming, being, enjoying, and working. The greenhouse is a blend of indoors and outdoors, noise and profound silence. The workshop area has a bit of the city and a lot of the countryside. It’s the place where all ideas flow and where everything makes sense.


Creating floral magic by Noemi Iniesta



"Often, we are not aware, but the spaces and how we feel in them are always accomplices in our lives. Nature connects us with our most emotional side and brings us peace and harmony."

Their atelier is also one of the six Studio Stores that the Frama brand has worldwide. A collaboration where nature is translated into objects of simple and infinite beauty, allowing you to have the furniture that creates their atelier in your home.



Selling Floral Magic Through Alblanc Online

Alblanc's online sales space is the natural expression of their way of doing and thinking. Here you can find bouquets, seasonal flowers, and plants. The brand desires to break physical boundaries and reach your home through a carefully curated and pleasant experience.


Bouquet in peachy tones by Noemi Iniesta
Bouquet in peachy tones by Noemí


Yellow toned arrangement with mimosa flowers


Their work focuses on the design and selection of products that bring you closer to nature and educate you on the benefits and opportunities of integrating nature into your life, as one of Noemí's most important goals is to innovate in the floristry sector with a focus on design and simplicity. As a team, they question the processes, uses, and forms of each of their products in order to offer a unique and personal catalog to flower lovers in Spain.


Packed floral bouquets by alblanc


Colorful bouquets designed by Noemi


Not only does she specialize in selling the floral arrangements and creations she designs in her atelier but she also dictates very interesting workshops having to do with flower arranging and techniques to elevate designs. Noemí shares that the workshops are an opportunity to learn how to integrate nature into our lives. In her workshops, you can learn about our way of living, thinking, and designing around nature and flowers.


Noemi happy with flowers


To check out more of her marvelous work make sure to visit alblanc atelier's website and Instagram account.


Photos by @alblancatelier.



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