Extravagant Flower Still Life Photography by Gert Kist

The owner of Art Villa Gooi in the center of the Netherlands wants to share the beauty of floral photography with the world.

By: THURSD. | 15-11-2023 | 2 min read
Floral art by Gert Kist

When flowers and a camera are put together, the endless possibilities of beyond eye-catching art are made. Capturing flowers through a lens is one of the most beautiful artistic ways to portray flowers as what they truly are: the most divine creation of nature. Photographer Gert Kist recently published his still-life photographic series featuring flowers and bold tonalities that invade the backgrounds.

Dutch Photographer Gert Kist Presents His Still-Life Flower Shots

In the center of the Netherlands, Art Villa Gooi Gallery recently opened its doors in Hilversum. The new, exclusive art gallery is located in a monumental and elegant office villa dating back to 1903 and mainly represents Dutch contemporary artists. The first exhibition 'Winter Extravaganza' shows a wide and colorful selection of photography, paintings, sculptures, wall works, costume objects, and glass art, which will go all the way until February 25th, 2024.


Purple Vision still life flowers
'Purple Vision' artwork of still-life flowers by Gert Kist


Dutch Fine Art photographer Gert Kist, from Amsterdam, born in 1963, is the initiator and gallery owner of Art Villa Gooi. He also presents his own artworks through the gallery. With a great passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail and aesthetics, the visual artist creates fascinating and painterly portraits, flower still lifes, and 'New Classics'. The photographer is writing with light. His layered and autonomous work has been and is internationally included in many private art collections.


Aged Grazed by Gert Kist
'Aged Grazed'


'Winter Extravaganza' Exhibited at the Gooi Gallery

With the opening, the Gooi area in the Netherlands has gained a stylish and distinctive art gallery thanks to the many pieces of art that are exhibited. Art Villa Gooi is centrally located at Vaartweg 168 in the media and architecture city of Hilversum.


Woman with flowers by Gert Kist
'La Belle Epoque'


The large, modern, and multifunctional exhibition space provides an inspiring and attractive decor for the presentation of contemporary art, and the organization of cultural events. It is a location where art comes to life, and flowers, in this case, photographer by Gert Kist come to life in all its splendor as well.


Gert Kist still life flower photography
'Loving You'


The exhibition 'Winter Extravaganza' presents recent works of ten established artists: Gert Kist (photography), Samira el Bali (abstract paintings), Magda Meijer (ceramic statues), Petra Dorst (bronze sculptures), Joris Verdonkschot (bronze sculptures), Lothar Vigelandzoon (bronze sculptures), Marlies Geldof (mixed media objects), Carina Wagenaar (medallions), Rien Bekkers (costume objects), and Fons Uytdehaag (glass art).


Pink Oasis art by Gert Kist
'Pink Oasis' by Gert Kist


If you're planning a visit, remember the opening hours are from Sunday 12.00 – 17.00, and Monday to Saturday by appointment only. 


Love from the past
'Love From the Past'

Hanging around Amsterdam for these weeks? You might as well visit this intriguing artistic gallery! Find out more at Gooi Gallery.


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