Genuine Pink Interior Design - How to Add This Trend Color to Your Home

From statement walls to key furniture pieces with subtle accents, bringing pink into your living room has never been easier.

By: THURSD. | 27-11-2021 | 4 min read
Floral Trend Color
The rise of a beautiful pallet of pink pastel shades will be clearly visible as a trend color next year. Floral design colors and pink interior design trends are moving towards a calming, dusty pink in 2022. The Thursd Floral Trend Color of the year, Genuine Pink, ditches the Barbie-esque association around this color – it feels romantic yet subtle, feminine but gender-neutral, both nostalgic and modern, and perhaps most importantly, easy to live with.

Genuine Pink Interior Design Inspiration

Muted, delicate pinks have become a mainstay for good reason. They bring elegance and softness and can take on the versatile characteristic of a warm neutral but with more interest. Plus, you can easily dial the color scheme up and down. The floral trend color of 2022 – Genuine Pink – is represented by a calm and inviting pink color(#e6a6a6). Starting with a soft and romantic hue, the color palette moves to a surprising pop of raspberry, lingers around neutral, earthy shades, and ends in dark but cozy green with heavy blue influences.

Pink Up Your Life

Pink has the incredible ability to look chic as well as boost our mood. From statement walls to key furniture pieces with subtle accents, bringing pink into your living room has never been easier. Time for a dose of pink interior design inspiration and some tips on how you can easily incorporate this color into your home.

Pink Interior Design Color Schemes

Pink color schemes tend to create tender and romantic rooms. When styled with warm, earthy colors or light neutral shades, it creates a very calming effect. Spiced up with natural green colors or combined with grays and blacks, it results in a balanced and visually appealing modern interior design that harmonizes feminine and masculine colors in a subtle way. On top of that, pink color palettes are often symbolic and meaningful. Pink is a versatile color that is suitable for pretty much all interior design styles and home decor ideas. Inspired by gorgeous pink flowers, Genuine Pink is an excellent color for inserting a much-need dose of serene happiness into your life.

You Don't Have to Start Big

Just start small. Begin by adding just a touch of pink to your home decor here and there. Think dusty pink-colored curtains, a rose gold table lamp, a blush pink vase, or even just some pillows and throws. Accessories are far less of a commitment than furniture and paint, so start out simple by integrating this color in easy and affordable ways. Genuine Pink Interior Design - How to Add This Trend Color to Your Home Pink Rug

Make the Jump

However, if you are ready to make a commitment, keep in mind that pink shades are no longer just meant for nurseries and children's bedrooms. Take the paintbrush out and opt to paint your living room in a powdery pink or dusky neutral to create a calming and restorative space. Feminine but not too sweet, pale pink walls will also help to make a room feel lighter.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Not that ready for a commitment yet but still want to make a statement? Try trading in an everyday piece of furniture like an armchair, sofa, dining room chairs, or large rug for one in a dusty rose or pastel pink shade.

Add Subtle Accents

You don't have to stop after upgrading your furniture and throwing in some accessories. Pink lends itself perfectly to adding subtle accents to your home decor in many ways. Accents walls work well in any space but are particularly striking when you see them in places you don't really suspect them, like the inside of a cabinet, bathroom tiles, behind a bookshelf, or as a kitchen backsplash. But also simply adding a defining feature in your chosen shade of pink to an interesting backdrop creates an immediate effect that draws the eye.

Add Flowers

Bringing flowers into your life is always a good idea but arranging a bunch of fresh pink flowers is also an easy way to incorporate this color into your pink interior design. Think pale pink tulips, dusty roses, or opt for a plant instead with a beautiful orchid or a pink aechmea. Try mixing pastel pinks with burgundy for a romantic tone or add a pop of color with some raspberry flowers.

Why Go For a Genuine Pink Interior Design?

Thursd opts for a sincere, honest floral trend color for 2022. A romantic and soothing color that connects people and centers around the theme ‘Building Bridges’. Genuine Pink brings a much-needed dose of serene happiness to break anyone out of a COVID or stress-induced funk. It urges us to take a breath, a step back, and focus on emotional connections and the bonds we create with the people around us. Learn more about this trend color in the article 'Thursd Floral Trend Color 2022 - Genuine Pink'.

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