Gypsophila Polar Bear Gives the Ideal Essence to Your Christmas Decor

These tiny flowers, like the clouds themselves, always speak of immensity wherever they are placed.

By: THURSD. | 20-12-2023 | 3 min read
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Gypsophila for Christmas creations

Have you heard? Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact and there's nothing like the tiny white Polar Bear Gypsophila from the Tiny Giants Series by Ball SB to prove it to you.

This Christmas season comes filled with the appearance of tiny buds invading every table center to create a merrier atmosphere. With gypso's delicacy and grace, you can create any Xmas arrangement you want and ones that'll ensemble a white winter wonderland.

A White Winter Wonderland With Gypsophila Polar Bear as the Main Christmas Character

Can you think of a better way of starting the festive Christmas season than with your tables looking impeccably delicate and delightfully decorated with gypsophila? Table centers are one of the most important aspects of the Xmas season given its the space where memories, experiences, and love are shared.

This year, Ball SB's baby's breath buds are ready and stoked to help you create a gauzy and sophisticated flower that effortlessly captures the true essence of Christmas.


Using Gypsophila Polar Bear for Xmas decorations
A creative idea on how to use Gypsophila Polar Bear for festive table decorations


Introducing the most recent variety of the Polar Bear gyp, featuring petite giant-like button flowers measuring over 11.5 mm, these blossoms form abundant sprays capable of filling any space, arrangement, or creative pieces for any occasion with their ethereal charm. They evoke a sensation of floating through clouds as the soft white buttons create a dreamy ambiance. When clustered together, these tiny giants are capable of creating a huge impact on any design or creation you desire. This is where the 'smallest things have the biggest impact' comes in.


Table center decoration using gypsophila polar bear by Ball SB


For enthusiasts of Gypsophila Polar Bear's beauty, Sarah Campbell from Intrigue Designs presents a comprehensive guide to creating a stunning installation with these exquisite flowers. This larger, whiter variety brings a distinct sense of volume to any space it graces. Despite its subtle and ethereal appearance, reaching out to touch it reveals a surprising fluffiness with a substantial body and personality. Take a look at the tiny giants and what you can do with them.



Table Centers With Special Symbolism

As you may already know, these tiny white flowers resemble purity and innocence. Gypsophila serves as the perfect adornment for your home during the holiday season for several reasons. They will allow you to create any type of table center decoration because of their very combinable flower buds in pure white.

Baby's breath is a very versatile type of flower that can be used to give any ambiance or special occasion more volume and texture as well. This season, let its delicate attractiveness create a festive and merry atmosphere to welcome your loved ones. Don't hesitate — get your hands on the bliss of these petite giants!


Gypsophila is the perfect option for the Xmas season
For the merriest and brightest season of the year, gypsophila is here to make it even more special by helping you create different styles of arrangements and decor for the holidays


When you start incorporating gypso in your floral creations you won't want to go back. Dare to create different, out-of-the-box floral designs and decor statement pieces not only for holidays but for any type of event with these beauties and remember that gypsophila has a relatively long vase life, allowing Christmas arrangements to maintain their beauty throughout the holiday season. Its endurance ensures that your festive decorations stay fresh and vibrant for an extended period. What's your favorite way of using gypsophila?



Photos courtesy of Ball SB.


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