Seven Dazzling Double Impatiens From the Glimmer Series

With its breathtaking beauty, the Walleriana Glimmer Series by Ball SB enchants every single garden and outdoor space.

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Impatiens Walleriana Glimmer Burgundy

The Impatiens Walleriana Glimmer Series is a captivating collection of double impatiens varieties that exude a mesmerizing glow and bring a touch of enchantment to any garden or outdoor space. This stupendous assortment is known for its abundant and vibrant blooms, making it a favorite among gardeners and landscapers alike.

Discover Seven Impatiens Walleriana Varieties From the Glimmer Series

The Glimmer series bred by Ball SB is characterized by its dazzling array of colors and unique flower forms, which set it apart from other impatiens varieties. These double-flowered impatiens feature an extra layer of petals, creating a lush and full appearance that is truly captivating.


Double impatiens glimmer series in red and white
Photo: @ballfloraplant


The series showcases a range of hues, from delicate white to bold and vibrant shades, allowing for endless creative possibilities in garden designs. Plus, what better way to inaugurate the summer season than with a splash of colors that immediately creates a boom effect on your outdoor spaces? For all summer wishes, the Impatiens Walleriana Glimmer series is all you need.



Add a Touch of Grace and Beauty to Your Garden With Double Impatiens

When it comes to adding a touch of enchantment to your garden, few plants can rival the captivating allure of double impatiens. With their abundant blooms and vibrant colors, these flowering plants are a favorite among gardeners for a very good reason.  Get yourself involved in the mesmerizing world of the Glimmer Series, a collection of seven stunning double impatiens varieties that are sure to bring a spark of magic to your outdoor spaces.


Double impatiens glimmer series hot pink
Photo: @mappinsnursery


1. Impatiens Glimmer™ White

The Glimmer™ White Double Impatiens is a breathtaking variety that exudes elegance and purity. With its pristine white blossoms, this double-flowered impatiens cultivar brings a touch of sophistication to any garden or landscape. Each flower exhibits an extra layer of delicate petals, creating a full and luscious appearance that is truly captivating.


Double white impatiens outdoor plant


This spectacular variety stands out for its pure and radiant white blooms, which seem to glow against the lush green foliage. The contrast between the flowers and the dark green leaves adds a sense of drama and beauty to the overall display.


White glimmer double impatiens
Photo: @noragardening


This variety is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of garden settings. Whether planted in mass groupings to create a serene white garden or used as a focal point in mixed borders, the Glimmer™ White Double Impatiens never fails to make a statement. Its compact growth habit and profuse blooming ensure a stunning and continuous display of white flowers throughout the growing season.

2. Impatiens Glimmer™ Appleblossom

The Glimmer™ Appleblossom Double Impatiens is a captivating variety that enchants anyone and any garden with its delicate and charming beauty. This double-flowered impatiens cultivar features soft and enchanting apple blossom pink blooms, creating a whimsical and romantic ambiance in any garden or landscape.


Impatiens Glimmer Appleblossom
Impatiens Glimmer Appleblossom


Each flower of this variety showcases multiple layers of exquisite petals, forming a lush and full appearance that is simply breathtaking. The combination of the subtle pink hue and the abundance of flowers creates a visually striking display that draws attention and admiration.

3. Impatiens Glimmer™ Bright Red

This double impatiens variety is both vibrant and eye-catching and adds a bold dash of color to any garden or landscape. With its striking bright red blooms, this double-flowered impatiens cultivar commands attention and creates a dynamic focal point. The abundance of flowers, each featuring multiple layers of petals, creates a dense and lavish display of fiery red.


Impatiens Walleriana glimmer bright red
Photo: @greenwood_nurserymn


Its compact growth habit and vigorous flowering make it an excellent choice for borders, containers, or mass plantings, infusing the surroundings with energy and vibrancy. Glimmer™ Bright Red Double Impatiens is a captivating choice for those seeking a standout plant that will make a lasting impression.

4. Impatiens Glimmer™ Burgundy

This is a captivating variety that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any garden or landscape. With its rich and deep burgundy blooms, this double-flowered impatiens cultivar adds a sense of depth and drama to the surroundings. The velvety petals and abundant flowers create a luxurious and captivating display, drawing attention and admiration.


Beutiful burgundy Impatiens Walleriana glimmer
Photo: @ball.floraplant


Glimmer™ Burgundy Double Impatiens is a perfect selection for borders, containers, or mixed plantings, imbuing the landscape with a majestic and opulent charm. This captivating variety is a splendid choice for individuals in search of a plant that radiates timeless elegance, leaving a memorable impact in their gardens, especially during one of the loveliest seasons coming up.

5. Impatiens Glimmer™ Dark Red

This Double Impatiens variety in dark red is a captivating outdoor plant that brings a deep and intense beauty to any garden or landscape. With its stunning dark red blooms, this double-flowered impatiens cultivar adds a sense of drama and richness to the surroundings. The velvety petals and abundant flowers create a lush and lavish display, commanding attention and admiration.


Dark red glimmer double impatiens
Photo: @planetexnursery


The dark red coloration of the blooms adds depth and contrast, creating a visually captivating scene. Glimmer™ Dark Red Double Impatiens is a resilient and adaptable plant, thriving in both shaded and partially shaded areas. Its ability to flourish in different light conditions makes it a versatile choice for various garden settings.

6. Impatiens Glimmer™ Hot Pink

Embodying a pink electrifying color, the Glimmer™ Hot Pink Double Impatiens is an exciting variety that like the others, adds a splash of color to any outdoor environment looking to be enhanced. This double-flowered impatiens cultivar makes a spectacular and eye-catching show with its strong and bright hot pink blossoms.


Impatiens Glimmer Hot Pink
Impatiens Glimmer Hot Pink


The lively colors and abundance of flowers add a sense of dynamism and liveliness to outdoor spaces. Glimmer™ Hot Pink Double Impatiens is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a plant that emanates a feeling of playfulness while also creating a full-on colorful impact on their backyard.

7. Impatiens Glimmer™ Salmon

Being a late spring and summer bloomer, this stunning variety is the perfect way to welcome the new, and hottest season of the year. Summer is a great way to reconsider what you have in your garden nowadays and make it ten times more colorful. Here is where Glimmer™ Salmon Double Impatiens steps in!


Salmon double impatiens
Photo: @hearty1948


This impatiens variety with double flowers adds warmth and brightness to any and every garden out there. It provides a dramatic and eye-catching show with its brilliant and welcoming salmon-colored blossoms, a perfect color to add a splash of brightness to your garden days!

These are in fact, the seven varieties seen in the Impatiens Walleriana Glimmer series by Ball SB. Which ones are you adopting in your garden this season?


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