Gypsophila Xlence
The Ecuadorian Grower That Supplies Top-Quality Gypsophila Xlence® A cloud of a flower taking over the floral world!
Flowers Foliage
Jul 10 | 5 min read
Gypsophila Is So Much More Than Baby’s Breath Gyp is easy to use in every possible combination: from rustic to exotic, here's this chameleonic flower remake.
Flowers Wedding Flowers
Apr 07 | 4 min read
White babys breath gypsophila featured on Thursd
Gypsophila Aka Baby’s Breath Is the All Time Favorite Filler Flower You've never been to floral heaven? This tiny exquisite flowering plant is about to take you straight to it with its divine fluffy white blooms.
Floral Education
Apr 07 | 3 min read
Colored Gypsophila from Ball SB
Flowers and Love - Celebrating Valentine's Day With Gypsophila At the heart of our Valentine's Day celebration, we find the lovely colored gypsophila from Ball SB.
Dyed Flowers Valentine
Feb 12 | 4 min read
Gypsophila Polar Bear
Gypsophila Polar Bear Gives the Ideal Essence to Your Christmas Decor These tiny flowers, like the clouds themselves, always speak of immensity wherever they are placed.
Hypericum filler flower in a floral arrangement
Meet Two Delighting Fillers From the OrcaFloral Assortment Fillers, like flowers and cut greenery, are an essential part of floral arrangements. Gypsophila as well as hypericum flowers are here to prove it.
Dec 13 | 5 min read
Vase filled with Gypsophila
Gypsophila Grandtastic - The Magic of an Extraordinary Flower Cloud-like white flowers delicately perched upon wispy stems creates an ethereal vision that seems plucked right out of a fairytale.
Oct 01 | 3 min read
Care Tips for the Charming Gypsophila Flowers
Tips for Caring for the Charming Gypsophila Chrysal and Klaver Flowers help you get the most out of these cute and indispensible white flowers.
Cut Flowers Flowers
Sep 13 | 4 min read
Kenya growers embracing summer flowers trends
Kenya’s Burgeoning Trend of Summer Flower Cultivation Summer flowers’ cultivation has gained momentum in recent years in Kenya.
Cut Flowers Flowers
Jul 19 | 7 min read
Model with gypsophila hair design
Unleash Your Love for Gypsophila With These Care Tips Through Chrysal's blooming guide, you will discover the essential elements that contribute to the flourishing of Baby's Breath.
Floral Education
Jul 05 | 4 min read
Gypsophila Heart for Valentines Day
Gypsophila - A Valentine's Day Must-Have In design work, a stunning focal point such as roses also needs a beautiful backdrop. That is where gypsophila becomes a standout.
Valentine Flowers
Feb 08 | 4 min read
Gypsophila Trendsetting Flower square feature
Gypsophila - From Floristry Favorite to Trendsetting Flower What was once a gas station flower is now an on-point floral fave.
Cut Flowers
Aug 12 | 3 min read

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