Hera Kim's Artistic Blend of Nature and AI With Flower-Inspired Facades

"The reason I pursue design in the realms of flowers, weddings, and AI is to bring happiness to people's lives."

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Floral Art
Floral takeover using AI by Hera Kim

'Flower Facade' is a stunning architectural AI project designed by Hera Kim of Tinkertailor Studio. This innovative piece features exquisite and luxurious flower-inspired designs created entirely from glass, using the power of artificial intelligence. Looking at it, you are transported to a vibrant world, reminiscent of a fully bloomed garden. Keep reading to know more about how AI and nature can fuse perfectly to create masterpieces like this one.

Hera Kim - The Genius Behind the Flower Facades AI Project

Hera Kim's diverse knowledge base informs her unique approach to design, informed by a background in Chemical Engineering and additional studies in Exhibit Design in Milan. She has spent the last fifteen years honing her skills as a florist, visual director, and AI artist, specializing in weddings and set design.

Her love of flowers has been the driving force behind her creative journey, and this project is proof of it. 'Flower Facades', designed and created by Hera is a color symphony where each glass panel is punctiliously designed to impersonate the ravelled charm of delicate petals. The interaction of light and shadow creates a unique visual experience for viewers as if the flowers themselves were dancing in the breeze.


Flower inspired AI design by Hera Kim
One of the flower-inspired AI facade designs by Hera Kim


Hera is now experimenting with AI-generated art to push the boundaries of traditional design. She aims to infuse the beauty of nature into her creations through her unique blend and combination of technological skills and craftsmanship. As an artist, she offers several services that could be of interest if you're leaning toward the AI side nowadays.


Tinkerstudio creation of floral AI facades


Services by Hera Kim From Tinkertailor Studio

To kick off this creative's amazing services is her AI Design Service which harnesses the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to revolutionize the design process. Using advanced algorithms, Hera's AI system can create stunning graphics, logos, illustrations, and web designs in a fraction of the time it would take traditional methods. The service offers an array of customizable options to cater to individual preferences, ensuring personalized and creative outputs. By automating repetitive tasks and generating innovative ideas, Hera and her team provide clients with high-quality designs while significantly reducing costs and turnaround times.


Artificial Intelligence floral art by Hera Kim
Created by Tinkertailor Studio, Hera Kim's business, here you can get a glimpse of a complete floral facade with flowers, created by AI


On the other hand, Tinkertailor Studio also offers Branding Design, a service dedicated to crafting distinct and impactful brand identities. The team collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision, values, and target audience, translating these insights into a cohesive visual identity. From logo creation to color palettes, typography, and brand guidelines, their expert team curates elements that convey brand personality and resonate with customers. A strong brand identity ensures consistent messaging across all touchpoints, helping businesses build recognition, trust, and loyalty in a competitive market.


An example of an AI floral design done by Hera Kim


More About Hera Kim - The Creative AI Artist

Hera Kim is a versatile creative professional based in Seoul, South Korea. With a diverse educational background, she holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from Sogang University in Seoul, Korea, and Interior and Spatial Design from IED in Milan, Italy. Additionally, she honed her skills as a florist and wedding specialist at McQueens Flower School in London, UK. Hera’s unique blend of expertise in engineering, design, and floral artistry, combined with her AI artistic talents, makes her a distinctive Creative Director who brings innovation and creativity to her projects.


A design looking like blooming florals by Hera Kim


Hera is the name of a goddess in Greek and Roman mythology. She has been fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology since childhood due to her name. This fascination led her to develop a keen interest in Renaissance culture through reading books and visiting museums. Growing up with a mother who is a German Florist Meister, Kim learned about flowers from a young age and became familiar with various decorations and crafts. Her experience studying in Italy allowed her to observe how Renaissance genres changed over time and how they have influenced people and contemporary culture. Living in Milan, a hub of luxury brands, deepened her interest in retail design.


Colorful pink and lavender shades of flower AI design


In Korea, Hera is a wedding director for upscale hotels and luxury venues, orchestrating unforgettable ceremonies. She also serves as a visual director and consultant for various industry brands. With a background in engineering, Kim has a persistent curiosity for science and technology. She’s now exploring the fusion of art and AI technology, seeking to harmonize these seemingly disparate fields. 


Enlightened floral facade using AI
Enlightened floral facade using AI software and techniques created by Hera Kim


To know more about her creative journey and the magnificent art she creates, make sure to take a peek at Hera Kim's website and Tinkertailor Studio's Instagram account.


Photos by @tinkertailorart.



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