High Time to Harvest the Calla Tubers

It's late autumn. Time for many zantedeschia growers to go out and harvest their tubers for worldwide exporting. Not an easy job, but the result surely pays off.

By: THURSD. | 24-11-2022 | 3 min read

It's autumn, which for a tuber grower means harvest time. How wonderful to witness the process of harvesting at a tuber grower, and get an inside and in-depth explanation from the mediation specialist of CNB and grower Huijg Breezand.

CNB, the Bulb Mediators

Coöperatieve Nederlandse Bloembollencentrale, better known as CNB, is the biggest marketplace for the trade in bulbs, tubers, and perennials, CNB's core activity is the mediation between sellers and buyers of these bulbous products.

However, the role of this cooperation comprises also being trend watchers, keeping an eye on developments from the heart of the market, sharing its knowledge, and providing information to assist in the exchange of opportunities and of innovation. In short: a significant role.


Raymond Huijg quote tubers on Thursd


As far as CNB's calla growers are concerned, this time of the year the focus of its allied growers is on harvesting the calla tubers. And calla mediator René van Marrewijk is there to explain how it works for the growers of Simply Calla he has in his portfolio.

Simply Calla Growers

René and Simply Calla go back a long time. René says:

"Simply Calla originated from the Royal FloraHolland Product Committee (still known as FPC) for callas."

An FPC is a group of growers of a product group that gather regularly to exchange information and promote their product group as a whole.

"The PFC for callas stopped three years ago, and 25 tuber breeders and growers took over this initiative to do generic calla promotion. My job is to organize this."


René van Marrewijk CNB at Huijg Breezand on Thursd
René van Marrewijk from CNB


What's a Tuber?

We often put them all on one big pile: bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, corms, and similar things you put in the ground to produce these beautiful cut flowers and plants that we're so fond of. Well, a tuber is somewhat like a flower bulb, but then a little different. Actually, it looks more like a potato. Tubers are very fragile because they have no skin of their own. This means the harvesting process is a very delicate job that requires a specially developed harvesting machine that carefully cleanses the dirt from the tubers on a horizontal kind of 'shaker'.

Becoming a tuber starts with a tuber. A big tuber is cut into about twenty pieces that are put in soil for growing. After two years the result is a new full-grown tuber that is marketable. This is what happens at a tuber grower like Huijg Breezand.


Tuber harvest at Huijg Breezand on Thursd
Tuber harvest at Huijg Breezand


Calla tuber harvest on Thursd
A full-size calla tuber


Harvest Time at Huijg Breezand

It's autumn, which for a tuber grower means harvest time. Also at grower Huijg Breezand where owner Raymond Huijg explains all about his harvest. How are this year's tubers?


"We are very proud of the progress we have made with the crop over the last years. The tubers have become stronger and more productive. These ones produce around a hundred stems per meter now, which is significantly better than they used to give.

After the eight weeks of harvesting, we cold-store our tubers in large crates for about eight weeks, when they are prepped for the trade. These tubers will be sold all over the world to growers of calla cut flowers and calla potted plants."


Simply Tubers

Tuber growers unite at Simply Tubers, a label by the calla promotion platform Simply Calla. The aim of this organization is to show the world the beauty of these flowers and potted & garden plants.

Very special: Simply Tubers invite growers, also of other products, to get a 'Simply Try Box'. This contains tubers that are sent directly from its growers to you. Just make some space in your field or greenhouse and give it a try. You might simply discover the love of your life.


Simply Calla banner on Thursd



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