Hours of Flowers With Life In Bloom Marathons and Prime Time on Create TV

"Hours of Flowers – on nationwide broadcast television – over a single weekend in April, plus extra prime time and night owl showings, make me happy!”

By: THURSD. | 06-04-2022 | 3 min read
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Create TV celebrates the launch of season 4 of J Schwanke's Life In Bloom with marathons of episodes from seasons 1-3 in April as well as additional episodes in primetime at 9 and 9:30 PM EST, April 11-14, 2022. 

J Schwanke Is Thrilled

As the new season of Life In Bloom premieres across the nation on public television in April and May, J Schwanke, the show’s host and creator, is thrilled to share that Create TV has scheduled marathons of the previous season’s episodes for the weekend of April 8, 9, and 10.

J Schwanke:

"Hours of Flowers – on nationwide broadcast television – over a single weekend in April, plus extra prime time and night owl showings, make me happy!”


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An Exciting Opportunity

While Life In Bloom reaches new viewers every week on public television – and, viewers send in pictures of their own flower arrangements every week, already – however, an event like this on Create TV is an exciting opportunity for even more viewers to learn about the health and wellness benefits of flowers, notes host J Schwanke.

“We are thankful that our partners in public television have created the opportunity for Life in Bloom to reach their audience of creators with this special event – and I am eager to see those creators’ inspirations with flowers!”


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Create TV

Create TV provides a nationwide schedule of programming that most Create public television stations follow. In addition to the upcoming marathons and prime time exposure, Life In Bloom maintains its regularly scheduled broadcasts Sundays at 11 am EST and Tuesdays at 6 am EST.

“When you add up all of these stations multiplied by all of the times, the result is more than 10,000 broadcasts across the country, which is a bit mind-blowing! As I always say, I am so grateful to our underwriters – past and present – for supporting the show and highlighting all of the benefits flowers have to offer.”


Life In Bloom Marathons header

J Schwanke explains that multiple scientific studies have shown that being in the presence of flowers – even just images of flowers – helps people to relax and feel calmer. When you have the chance to arrange flowers, the relaxing and calming effects are multiplied.


CalFlowers, Albertsons Companies, Dollar Tree, and Holland America are the show’s current underwriters. Past underwriters include Ball Horticulture, Design Master, Golden Flowers, Sunshine Bouquet,, Smithers-Oasis, and Chrysal.

In addition to the Create marathons, Season 4 premieres have already begun in some markets.

J Schwanke:

“Each public television station programs their own schedule, so check local listings for new Season 4 episodes - or inquire with your local station and let them know you’re looking for Life In Bloom’s new shows.”


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Highlights Include Flowers for Self-Care

Specific highlights of the coming season include flowers for self-care: Italy-inspired arrangements, photographing hummingbirds, episodes around hydrangea, gladiolus, and tropical flowers, visits to flower farms, and guests Ben Scott-Brandt - composer of the show’s music -, Laurie Keller - a Geisel Award-winning children’s book author -, and a bonus episode, themed for Autumn.

“We were excited to create segments around fall themes, colors, and flowers including Chrysanthemums!”

- J Schwanke.

Stream for Free

J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom is presented and distributed by American Public Television. Check local public television and Create TV listings to find out when J Schwanke’s Life In Bloom airs in your area. The show is also available to stream for free via and the PBS App.

Inquiries and input about the show are always welcome at: [email protected].


J Schwanke Life In Bloom Season 4 - on Thursd


(The times for the 5-hour marathons are as follows: Friday, April 8th, 9 pm-2 am EST; Saturday, April 9th, 10 am-3 pm EST; And Sunday, April 10th, 12 pm-5 pm. For night owls, there are additional airings at 2 and 2:30 am EST on April 11-14.)



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