How to Develop a Plant Lover Instagram and Which Promotional Tools to Use in 2022?

Invest every day in creating interesting, sincere content and communicating with a newfound audience.

By: THURSD. | 25-11-2022 | 3 min read
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Develop a Plant Lover IG Header

Plants are like pets, but sometimes better – they cannot mess your interior up but are totally able to make it better. But they take the same (or sometimes even more) amount of time and effort and love to keep them flourishing and growing; people who love plants have been forming the community online for a very long time ago, and today you can find the most pages dedicated to caring for plants on Insta. But what if you’re the one who wants to dig into that sphere too? Do you have some experience and thoughts to share?

Well, you can try yourself out, but for that, you’re going to need some knowledge and experience – in this article, we have collected some helpful tips on how you can develop a plant lover IG and which promotional tools you should use for that in 2022. We’re going to especially emphasize the paid services, as these are the most helpful ones when it comes to guaranteed results: a chance to buy Instagram followers to form a base and some other ones that you would want to use a little bit later.


Monstera and other plants in modern setting


Where to Begin

First, figure out the types of content that you will use – will it be a diary profile or a profile of a professional, a person who understands plants and can explain which life hacks can greatly make life easier for someone who wants to fill their house with greenery? In general, you need to make a content plan, collect hashtags that you will use to increase the visibility of your content on Instagram, and take care of creating a memorable main picture and highlights pictures (yes, they are also mandatory, so start posting important stories from the very first day of your profile's existence).

At this same stage you can find out if there are any bloggers who would not mind doing you a free PR - in friendly communities, more advanced bloggers usually support newcomers, so if you have an idea who could share some of your interesting post, be sure to bring it to life, not feel free to ask and ask people for help.



How to Start a Promotion

If you’re at the very beginning, the wisest thing would be to buy real Instagram followers to build up a base that you’re going to rely on later – people who visit a random page that might be interesting to them subscribe more willingly if they see that it already has a ton of fans. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that you need to purchase only genuine subs, the ones that are actual people who visit Instagram daily and who are able to show a positive impact on its statistics. If your page is going to have lots of interactions with real pages, algorithms are going to showcase it to real people way more often than before.


Young Plants repotting


What to add to the promotional plan

Film a certain number of interesting reels and stories, and put targeted advertising on them. By the way, the reels are moving along pretty well on their own, if you use trending music and get inspired by the videos of those people who have already earned popularity. Try to approach this issue as thoughtfully as possible and you will see that even with the help of short videos you can start gaining a good audience.

Paid promotion, which we talked about above, and PR from bloggers will help you with this. Remember that no options will work well if you don't invest every day in creating interesting, sincere content and communicating with a newfound audience – this is the real key to success.



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