Here She Is... Miss Alstroemeria!

Karolien Tesselaar is the alstro ambassador who passionately advocates for her beloved flower.

By: THURSD. | 27-03-2024 | 4 min read
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Karolien Tesselaar has been named Miss Alstroemeria!

If there is one person on this planet who deserves to be named 'Miss Alstroemeria', it is Karolien Tesselaar. A woman, a wife, a mother, to many a friend, and a lover... of alstroemerias! For years on end, she has been passionately advocating for the products that she and her husband Rick grow. And with great success, because the alstros from Tesselaar Alstroemeria are a hallmark in the floral industry.

So, without further ado.... here she is: Miss Alstroemeria!

Karolien Tesselaar as Miss Alstroemeria

Strange as it is, many consumers have never heard of a flower called 'Alstroemeria'. Florists, obviously, know this flower but are often in the dark about getting optimal results with this highly decorative gift of Mother Nature. Therefore, one person stood up to convey the message of how beautiful, cheerful, and strong these flowers are.


Karolien Tesselaar Is Miss Alstroemeria!
Karolien Tesselaar, Miss Alstroemeria.


After years of persistent product promotion, Karolien suddenly found herself being affectionately named Miss Alstroemeria more and more often, a title that she rightfully deserves.


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This is a title to cherish, especially if you are so proud of the products you produce. In other words: if you use it, you don't lose it. So, she adopted this pseudonym to make the alstroemeria known to more and more people around the world.


Karolien Tesselaar Is Miss Alstroemeria!


Alstroemeria as the Star of a Bouquet

Karolien believes the alstro deserves to be the star of a bouquet:

"Just put a freshly opened alstro — so, not raw — in your floral artwork and you'll experience that these flowers have a super long vase life. Because the flower has already started blooming, the alstroemeria is not the filler in the bouquet but the eye-catcher!"

And she has a clear opinion about the unfamiliarity with this flower's intrinsic qualities:

"Do not underestimate the alstroemeria's lifespan, because you will get the surprise of your life. Alstros go on for weeks without losing their powerful color. Longer than you may expect. If you have never experienced that, just give it a try and you'll see."


Karolien Tesselaar Is Miss Alstroemeria!
Karolien with a bouquet of alstroemeria.


Karolien has a funny anecdote about the presentation value of the alstroemeria too:

"We recently did a photo shoot, and the florist made a big mistake about the number of stems required. She had completely underestimated how many flowers one stem has. In fact, she needed far fewer flowers to create a very impressive flower arrangement. So, as it turns out, alstroemeria's are also economically very interesting flowers"

Challenge yourself as a florist; place a bunch on the counter and demonstrate the long shelf life.

Read more about caring for Alstroemerias: Quality of Alstroemerias Starts With Good Care.


Karolien Tesselaar Is Miss Alstroemeria!


Upgrade Your Floral Art With Alstro Special

With the Alstro Special, Tesselaar Alstroemeria is giving this underappreciated gem the recognition it deserves, offering florists the opportunity to elevate their craft and delight their customers with long-lasting beauty. Because the alstroemeria is already open and spoken, it is perfect for the gift bouquet! And it is perfect as an event flower.


"With the Alstro Special, we really give the flower an upgrade! We pick the Alstro Special selection on Tuesdays. They are bunched per 15 stems and put per 2 bunches in water containers. The Alstro Special bunches are on offer via the Floriday platform. If you have no access to Floriday, just contact your wholesaler and ask for Tesselaar Alstroemeria's Alstro Special."


Karolien Tesselaar Is Miss Alstroemeria!


Tip for Florists From the Grower

Whether you're a seasoned florist seeking to infuse your creations with a touch of sophistication or an aspiring enthusiast eager to explore the world of alstroemerias. Karolien has had Alstroemerias in her home ever since she became an alstro grower. Therefore, who else has seen more alstros in her life than she? And who else is an expert by experience when it comes to arranging these flowers? So, here are a few tips for florists around the world.


"Alstroemeria stems are quite tall, like 80 cm. But you don't need to use the full length for every stem. Fill a bouquet with tall and low alstroemerias. Add shorter flowers to this — for example, violets, viburnum, or carnations — and you have a wonderful spring bouquet that your end consumer will adore!

Don't forget that just one Alstroemeria branch has so many flowers and therefore really gives your bouquet body! So, don't exaggerate and keep it within limits, making an affordable bouquet for your customer at the same time. Precisely all that is why we believe the alstroemeria is the right choice for florists."


Karolien Tesselaar Is Miss Alstroemeria!


In the meantime, Karolien Tesselaar has accepted the title 'Miss Alstroemeria'. And rightfully so, because she is the true ambassador of this wonderful flower that deserves far more attention and recognition.

Photos courtesy of Tesselaar Alstroemeria


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