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Tesselaar Alstroemeria was founded in 1989. In the early years, Freesias and Lilies were first cultivated and in 1996 they gradually switched to Alstroemerias. Over time, the company has grown from 2 to 10 hectares, making it Europe's largest 'Alstro' grower. Tesselaar Alstroemeria produces 22 different varieties of Alstroemeria. This makes Tesselaar Alstroemeria one of the most varied growers in the Netherlands. Did you know that the Alstroemeria already is a very sustainable flower? It doesn’t need a high temperature and the flower protection is mostly done by biological means. The Alstroemeria is a cut flower that has a long vase life. Together with their customers, Tesselaar make the production and marketing process as suitable as possible. Their goal is to let the consumer fully enjoy the surprising Alstroemeria. Tesselaar's aim is to build long-term relationships with its customers and employees. They build knowledge, skills and stay up-to-date about developments in the market. An important USP is their customization towards clients: amount of stems per bunch, labels on the sleeves, etc. Everything to make the road from grower to end-consumer as smooth and efficient as possible. The company is frontrunner when it comes to sustainability, committed to maintaining nature and the environment. They apply biological crop protection wherever possible and they are certified for MPS-A, GAP, Socially Qualified and Planet Proof. On top of that, since 2016 Tesselaar calculates its horti-footprint to further improve their sustainability.

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Tesselaar Alstroemeria Kalenbergerweg 5-2, 8315 PC Luttelgeest, Nederland

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