Oasis at the Center of Tokyo by Kengo Kuma and Edition Hotels

A stunning green hotel that'll allow you to live a modern but green experience has been open for a while now. Check it out and add it to your travel bucketlist!

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A luxurious hotel covered in plants has been built in the Toranomon neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan, thanks to a collaboration between hospitality company Edition Hotels and Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The outcome is a green jungle paradise.

A Green Oasis Built by Kengo Kuma and Edition Hotels

After riding the elevator to the 31st floor, guests enter the hotel's two-story lobby, which is filled with greenery. According to many guests that have attended the hotel, specifically, this work of art, state it's literally like being inside a bold green jungle filled up top with endless plants with a touch of modernity and a pleasing color aesthetic.


Green oasis by Kengo Kuma and Edition hotels in Tokyo Thursd


Kengo Kuma and Edition Hotels shared that their ultimate emission was to demonstrate that it was possible to establish a true oasis in the middle of a large city, and guess what? They nailed it from top to bottom and from side to side inside the hotel.

What’s Inside This Amazing Hotel?

The expansive, open atrium, which takes its design cues from Buddhist temples, houses a bar, a restaurant, and a variety of lounging places, many of which offer stunning views of Tokyo. Several substantial beams covered in wooden slats, which also beautify the room's ceiling, divide the double-height expanse.


Edition hotels in Tokyo along with Kengo Kuma fill hotel with greenery on Thursd


Despite the fact that the beams are largely structural, the minds behind this green project didn't handle them in a way that would damage the inside. Kengo Kuma and Edition Hotels explain that instead, they made use of the beams covered them in wooden louvers, and turned their presence into a hotel icon.

A Neutral Color Palette Gives the Hotel the Modern Touch

The hotel mostly adheres to the Edition brand's neutral color scheme and use of organic materials like marble and wood. The two restaurants, which are run by Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, now feature vibrant flashes of color. The hotel's extensive use of wood is continued in the bedrooms and 22 suites, where Kuma also added sliding screens.


Neutral palette in Edition hotel in Tokyo on Thursd

Moveable partitions are frequently used in traditional Japanese homes to increase internal flexibility, and they both expanded the concept to the rooms at Edition Hotels.

Different Room Colors

One side of the foyer is taken up by the aptly titled Blue Room, which has furnishings that are upholstered in rich sapphire tones. The Jade Room on the other side is located next to the entrance, replaces the blue with vivid green hues, and opens onto a lush terrace with a view of the red-and-white Tokyo Tower symbol.



Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor World

The provision of a green terrace on top of a high-rise structure is unique, but they dared to do it in order to naturally integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces. A spa, meeting rooms, and a pool are some of the additional hotel features.

On the first story of the structure that houses the hotel, the less aptly called Gold Bar features white vaulted ceilings with black walls, flooring, drapes, and furnishings. The only notable golden addition to the area is a piece of art that is mounted over a fireplace on one side.


Interior of green oasis by Edition hotels and Kengo Kuma on Thursd


The hotel, which opened last year, is the first of two Edition hotels planned for Tokyo, with a second hotel in the Ginza district of the city set to open soon. If you want to know more about this green oasis paradise, make sure to visit Edition Hotels.



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