Iberflora filled with plants and colorful flowers
Pack Your Bags and Head to Valencia for This Year's Magnificent Iberflora Fair Yes, you heard it right! Iberflora is the meeting point of the green sector in Europe. Are you ready to live an enriching, green experience?
Carmen Caragea
Wedding Centerpieces That Look Stunning Using Only Greenery and Foliage For this occasion, I had the pleasure of creating green designs using products belonging to the OrcaGreen Label.
Jun 19 | 3 min read
Incorporate indoor plants
How to Incorporate Indoor Plants Into Your Home Spa Experience Enhance your home spa with the calming presence of indoor plants.
Medellin greenery
Medellin - The City That Went Green to Keep Fresh and Cool After the corridors were implemented in the city, the government saw a drop of up to two degrees Celsius and the return of many animals as well.
Adomex’s Lilygrass From the OrcaGreen Label Is the Perfect Decorative Green for Your Floral Creations.
Lilygrass Is the Ideal Ornamental Green for Your Floral Creations A decorative grass from the OrcaGreen label that brings out the best of floral designs in which it's used.
May 22 | 4 min read
Practice in Floriculture
How Sustainable Practices in Floriculture Can Boost Monthly Donations Implement sustainable floriculture to increase monthly donations effortlessly.
Living Walls in Workspaces and Office Settings
How Ideal Are Living Walls for Your Workspaces? The transformative power of these green walls and their potential in working spaces.
What the Flower hair salon
What the Flower Hair Salon – Where Greenery Meets Glamour What does a good hair treatment plus a full surrounding of plants sound like? Heaven, of course!
Jan 24 | 3 min read
Tropical houses worth visiting
8 Breathtaking Tropical Houses Surrounded by Nature for Your Next Trip Mark your favorite destination among these spectacular exotic options for your next getaway!
Jan 24 | 6 min read
Vietnam's SkyGarden House, a Design Concept That Naturalizes Urban Dwellings
SkyGarden House, a Sustainability Concept That Naturalizes Urban Dwellings An urban dwelling that prioritizes sustainability and the integration of nature into its different spaces.
Martelaar House, a refurbished private residence in Ghent incorporates greenery in its different spaces.
A Verdant Haven From a Refurbished Urban Industrial Building Martelaar House is as much a verdant spectacle as it is a tranquil retreat right in the middle of urban developments.
Heemskerk Orca Salal of Adomex
Why Wholesaler Heemskerk Flowers Endorses OrcaGreen An interview with sales manager Dennis Kromhout about the quality label for foliage.
Mar 15 | 4 min read

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