The Mutant Rose Paloma Steffi Is Here to Stay

Paloma Steffi is characterized by its beautiful colors of cream/green outer petals transitioning to a bright pink inside. The rose opens up very beautifully and also has an excellent vase life.

By: THURSD. | 12-07-2023 | 4 min read
Rose Paloma Steffi

The world of rose breeding is a numbers game. Each year millions of new rose varieties are made by different rose breeding companies around the globe. With only a few to 'survive' the selection process, to be marketed in the world of potted plants and cut flowers. Sometimes mutants are found within the rose fields, which are successful in the flower industry. Rose Paloma Steffi is such a rose. 

Almost All Roses You Buy Are Actually Created

Did you know that almost all plants and cut flowers you buy are actually created? Breeding companies such as Tantau are the creators of new rose varieties. The rose breeding process is a harmonious blend of art and science. This fascinating process begins with two roses; the breeder selects these parent roses based on desired traits such as fragrance, color, or resistance to disease. The first stage involves the careful transfer of pollen from one rose to the flower of another. This act is similar to creating a painting; with every brushstroke, you add character and essence. 


Fiori Bloemen Rose Paloma Steffi
Photo by Fiori Bloemen


Once pollination occurs, the rose hip - the fruit of the rose - develops. Rose breeders eagerly await the ripening of the rose hip as it contains seeds that hold the potential for new, unique varieties. After harvesting, the seeds are planted, and the waiting game begins. They often create over 100,000 new seedlings. It may take years of care, observation, and selection before a new rose cultivar is ready to grace gardens and flower arrangements. Often only a handful of these new seedlings 'survive' the selections.

Throughout the ages, rose breeding has been a labor of love. It is the unwavering dedication of breeders that brings forth new varieties. These roses add vibrancy to gardens and serve as inspirations for exquisite flower arrangements and designs. The beauty of rose breeding is that it is ever-evolving, with boundless possibilities waiting to be discovered.

What Are Rose Sports? A Petal-Turned Mystery!

Now that you are familiar with rose breeding, which is done in a certain way, with certain goals, let's delve into an intriguing phenomenon known as rose sports. Rose sports are naturally occurring mutants, where a rosebush suddenly produces flowers that are different in some way from the usual blooms. This could be a change in color, petal shape, or even fragrance. Imagine a canvas that repaints itself!


Rose Paloma Steffi with floral designer Stephan Winzer
Stephan Winzer, a happy floral designer, showed his design with Paloma Steffi roses.


What are rose sports, and how do they occur? Well, the mystery lies in the genes. Just like in humans, genetic mutations can happen in roses. A small change in the DNA can result in a rose sport. Rose breeders often keep a keen eye on their plants for any signs of these spontaneous changes. Some of the most beloved rose varieties have originated as sports! Rose Paloma Steffi is such a trait. Floral designer Stephan Winzer was amazed by the beauty of this new rose:

"Rose Paloma Steffi is a great addition to the world of roses, and definitely here to stay."


Paloma Steffi is a sport, as is Barracuda and Paloma Royal. You can see all of them in the picture below.


Rose Paloma and her sports
From left to right, Rose Paloma, Rose Paloma Royal, Rose Barracuda, and Rose Paloma Steffi


Rose Paloma Steffi

Paloma Steffi is characterized by its beautiful colors of cream/green outer petals transitioning to a bright pink inside. The rose opens up very beautifully and also has an excellent vase life. It is grown in Kenya by Alisha.


Rose Paloma Steffi With Mike Boerma
Mike Boerma worked with these new roses at the Boerma Institute and was impressed too.


Rosen Tantau

Tantau is the breeder of the original Paloma, and Paloma Steffi is the latest addition to the Paloma family, alongside Paloma, Barracuda, and Paloma Royal. Many floral designers already had a taste of this new rose, which is introduced to the markets as we speak. Decofresh Roses in Aalsmeer is the supplier of this rose, and the others, so if you're interested, make sure to reach out to Defcofresh.

When breeders spot a rose sport, they propagate it to maintain the new trait. The remarkable part is that these sports carry the lineage of the original rose but with an added twist. So, in a way, nature plays its role in the art of rose breeding, introducing new chapters in the endless book of roses. And now Tantau has new genes in this rose to further breed with the new traits.


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