Nature and Technology by Sarah Illenberger

A series of images exploring the complex and curious relationship between nature and technology

By: THURSD. | 29-10-2023 | 2 min read
Sarah Illenberger

A series of images exploring the complex and curious relationship between nature and technology. Produced during NOI / Bozen Art Residency, Summer 2019.


Sarah Illenberger

Sarah Illenberger, an artist based in Berlin, is known for her unique blend of art and design. Born in Munich in 1976, she received her foundational education in graphic design at Chelsea College, London, and later earned a BA Hons in graphic design from Central Saint Martins College. Illenberger's career took off with her founding of the jewelry label Sarah & Patrick Design in 2000, followed by a stint as an illustrator and designer for NEON Magazine until 2005. Since 2007, she has been managing her own studio, Studio Sarah Illenberger, in Berlin.

The New York Times, Hermès, and Nike

Her work is recognized for its innovative use of everyday objects, transforming them to uncover hidden symbolism and details. This transformation is central to her artistic approach, where she reshapes our perception of ordinary materials, bringing a poetic quality to the mundane. Illenberger's portfolio includes sculptures, installations, and photography, with her work often seen in collaborations with high-profile clients like The New York Times, Hermès, and Nike.

Illenberger has shared her expertise as a guest professor at UDK Berlin in 2011 and has been a part of art residencies such as Villa Lena and Casa Balandra. Her art has been displayed in various exhibitions worldwide, and she has spoken at numerous festivals and events. Her work has also earned her several accolades, including the Köln Klopfer and multiple Lead and ADC Awards.

Renowned for her analog craftsmanship, Illenberger's work stands out for its conceptual depth, visual appeal, and humorous undertones. She masterfully avoids digital methods, preferring hands-on techniques to bring a fresh perspective to familiar subjects without imposing forced meanings.

See more about her Wonderplants, and Flower Fireworks here.

For detailed information about Sarah Illenberger and her work, you can visit her official website: Sarah Illenberger​​​​​​​​.

Sarah Illenberger


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