Fireworks with Real Flowers by Sarah Illenberger

Her 'flowerworks' ring in the new year.

By: THURSD. | 27-12-2023 | 3 min read
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Flower fireworks

Already in 2014, but definitely worthy of repeating for this year's festivities, as in many countries real fireworks are not allowed, Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger has realized an amazing photographic series of real flowers arranged in the style of fireworks. Enjoy!

Sarah Illenberger

Taking a look at her website, you can only be amazed by the creativity of Sarah. Her project named 'future flowers' will be highlighted on Thursd soon as well.

 Flower Fireworks


Fireworks With Real Flowers

For her fireworks with real flowers, have a look below. You can see very common flowers and flowering plants, look like real fireworks. The tiny buds of colorful botanical life, exploding pedals of vibrant blossoms, and strands of green stems seemingly hover above what is imagined as a dark night sky, popping and bursting in mid-air. ‘Flowerworks’ has been photographed by Sabrina Rynas, and serves as a re-imagination of the annual, dramatic light show with a playful, peaceful quality.


All images courtesy of Sarah Illenberger


Sarah Illenberger is a multifaceted artist whose work skillfully intertwines the realms of art and design. Born in Munich in 1976, she later moved to Berlin, where she currently runs her own studio. Illenberger's educational journey in the field of graphic design began with a foundation course at Chelsea College in London, followed by a BA Hons in graphic design from Central Saint Martins College, which she completed in 2000.

Illenberger's creative portfolio is diverse and intriguing. Her work involves a unique blend of sculpture, installations, and photography. She is known for her manipulation of commonplace objects, transforming their materiality and established meanings to surprise viewers and reshape their perceptions. Her projects often reveal overlooked details and symbolism in everyday objects, displaying a poetic vision of the world around us.

In her professional life, Illenberger has been involved in various roles and projects. After founding the jewelry label Sarah & Patrick Design in 2000, she worked as an illustrator and designer for NEON Magazine from 2000 to 2005. Since 2007, she has been leading Studio Sarah Illenberger in Berlin. She has also contributed as a guest professor at UDK Berlin in 2011 and participated in art residencies like Villa Lena in 2016 and Casa Balandra in 2023.

Illenberger's work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and she has been a speaker at various festivals and events. Some of her notable exhibitions include "In the Pink" in London (2023), "Mimosen" in Berlin (2021), and "Wonderplants" in Berlin (2015). She has also been recognized with awards like the Köln Klopfer (2015), the Lead Award (2011, 2009, 2007, 2003), and the ADC Award (2010, 2007, 2004, 2003).

Her work is celebrated for its conceptual strength, descriptive intensity, and spatial finesse, making it attractive for international magazines and commercial clients like Hermès, Nike, and The New York Times. Illenberger's artistry is particularly noted for its elegance, sense of humor, and her ability to translate content, data, and ideas into vivid, often humorous images.

Sarah Illenberger's work stands out for its creative use of analog handicraft techniques, which she prefers over digital methods. This approach allows her to open up new perspectives on familiar forms, avoiding the imposition of artificial significance while revealing the true essence of her subjects.

A series of images exploring the complex and curious relationship between nature and technology. Produced during NOI / Bozen Art Residency, Summer 2019.

For more details, you can visit her official website: Sarah Illenberger​​​​​​​​.


Sarah Illenberger



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