Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger

Leaves collected in the botanical gardens of Porto decorated with colored tapes

By: THURSD. | 15-11-2023 | 2 min read
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Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger

A Photographic Series

Creatives like Sarah Illenberger – the spontaneous types who don’t stop thinking or making, regardless of where they are or what they are doing, are amazing. ‘Wonderplants’ is the perfect example of such an attitude, a photographic series Illenberger created during a six-week summer holiday in Portugal.

Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 03 Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 06
Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 02 Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 08

Vibrant Surroundings

Inspired by her vibrant surroundings, Illenberger collected leaves from botanical gardens throughout the country and decorated them with patterns inspired by the infamous Portuguese ‘azuelos’ tiles, using colorful tapes and stickers found in local hardware stores. The resulting series of images are full of cheerful simplicity that makes you smile, perfectly capturing the spirit of having a good time in a good place.

Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 01 Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 07
Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 04 Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger 05

Sarah Illenberger's Journey

Sarah Illenberger, an innovative artist hailing from Munich, currently operates her own studio in Berlin. Her artistic journey began with foundational studies in graphic design at Chelsea College in London, culminating in a BA Hons degree from Central Saint Martins College. Illenberger's early career saw the launch of her jewelry brand, Sarah & Patrick Design, in 2000, and her role as an illustrator and designer for NEON Magazine between 2000 and 2005.

Illenberger's artistic expression is renowned for its imaginative use of common items, reimagining them in ways that reveal hidden meanings and nuances. This approach is a hallmark of her style, inviting viewers to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her artistic scope includes engaging sculptures, captivating installations, and evocative photography. Her work has found resonance with a wide array of esteemed clients, including The New York Times, Hermès, and Nike.

Illenberger's Art Exhibited Internationally

Beyond her studio work, Illenberger has contributed to the academic sphere as a guest professor at UDK Berlin and has participated in various artist residencies, including Villa Lena and Casa Balandra. Her art has been exhibited internationally, and she has been a featured speaker at numerous artistic festivals and events. Her creativity and vision have been recognized with several awards, such as the Köln Klopfer and multiple Lead and ADC Awards.

Illenberger is particularly noted for her preference for analog techniques over digital methods in her creative process, infusing her work with a distinct authenticity and charm. Her approach emphasizes the real essence of her subjects, avoiding artificial enhancements and presenting them in their true light.

To explore more about Sarah Illenberger and her artistic journey, you can visit her official website: Sarah Illenberger​​​​​​​​.

Or check her floral fireworks on Thursd.



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