Design Star Mayesh - Anthony Maslo

Inspired by sunsets at the beach

By: THURSD. | 11-10-2020 | 1 min read News
It's a new decade, and a new Mayesh Design Star - Anthony Maslo of The Boy Who Cried Flowers! - kicks off his 2020 video series. Anthony is sharing his technique on how to create a color gradient floral arrangement. Inspired by sunsets at the beach, Design Star Anthony Maslo utilizes flowers in hues of pink, orange, peach, yellow, white, moving to cooler hues of lavender and blue.

Pink Charm Daffodils Talisman Snapdragons Coral Charm Peony White Peony Peach Campanella Garden Rose Hermosa Rose Baronesse Garden Rose Clooney Ranunculus in white, light pink, orange Cafe Au Lait Dahlia Lisianthus Narcissus Grand Soleil D' Or Blue Sweet Pea Hanging Pink Pepperberry

Flower Vessel Pin Frog Florist Netting (chicken wire) Waterproof Tape Floral Knife Wire Cutters Branch Snips

Design Star Mayesh - Anthony Maslo Anthony is the co-owner of The Boy Who Cried Flowerswhich is based in Los Angeles and he caught our eye way before the contest started because he is colorful - both personally and professionally. His signature pink hair is hard to miss, but it is his use of color in his designs that we love the most in addition to the fact that his business perspective is much different than our past Design Stars. Anthony's business involves weddings and everyday flowers, but the majority of the focus is on events. Looking through The Boy Who Cried Flowers Instagram feed, you will see florals for Beauty Con, Arianna Huffington, Honest Beauty, and more. Host: Anthony Maslo Videography: Anna Lord Studio Photography: Claire Fagin Producer: Jeffrey Follin Design Star Mayesh - Anthony Maslo


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