New Trend: Pocket Bouquets and Cufflinks for Weddings and Parties

Here are some ideas for an extra floral touch

By: THURSD. | 14-07-2021 | 1 min read
Are you interested in both floristry and couture..? And do you enjoy modern, innovative approaches to floral design that try to transcend boundaries? Then we have some fashion inspiration for you that you are bound to love, via our friends from the Danish Florist Association! Pocket Bouquets and Cufflinks for Weddings and Parties - quote

Linda Nielsen's View

Linda Nielsen – florist and creative trendsetter – has long thought that the traditional corsages were a little too tame for weddings and festive occasions. Instead, a pocket bouquet provides more balance, especially alongside the bridal bouquet. Plus, the pocket bouquet also seems much more contemporary than the corsage. “For me, I can see a real trend… where we will sell pocket bouquets both for weddings and other festive occasions”, explains Linda Nielsen. The Danish star florist has also designed matching cufflinks that go with the pocket bouquets – a beautiful extra detail!

Garden Look With Added Romance

To make this pocket bouquet, a clove is cut off over the sepals and glued together while still being held together by hand. Then, it is glued to the cardboard. Afterward, you glue the other materials to it.
Pocket Bouquets and Cufflinks for Weddings and Parties - Garden Look
Photo by Linda Nielsen

The Classic Red Rose

By using the tiniest roses, a mini-rosmelia can be glued! Isn’t it compelling?
Pocket Bouquets and Cufflinks for Weddings and Parties - Classic Red Rose
Photo by Linda Nielsen

This Year’s Trend Colors

This design was inspired by Pantone’s two trend colors of 2021: the grey ‘Ultimate Grey’ and the yellow ‘Illuminating’.


The dried flowers get their “on-trend time” extended by adding a bit of vividness, as was done here with a piece of a succulent. We hope you like it!
Pocket Bouquets and Cufflinks for Weddings and Parties - Vintage
Photo by Linda Nielsen
Concept and photos by Linda Nielsen. Text by Jens Poulsen


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