Newwen’s Sustainable Solutions Essential for Fresh Product Supply Chains

A company keen on making everything recyclable, reusable and moving towards zero waste and 100% sustainability.

By: THURSD. | 15-05-2024 | 7 min read
Newwen's Sustainable Solutions Essential for Fresh Product Supply Chains

The world is becoming more and more conscious of its environmental impact, and the flower industry is no exception. Sustainability is no longer just another buzzword but a critical element in the production and delivery of fresh produce. It is impossible not to see that today’s consumers are more discerning than ever, demanding not only beautiful flowers but also sustainably produced and delivered items. 

This change in consumer preferences has prompted forward-looking companies to seek out innovative solutions that can help the flower and fresh produce industries reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating a green element in their activities. This ultimately ensures a greener future. This line of thought drives industries to adopt eco-friendly practices throughout their value and supply chains.

Newwen, A Unique Approach in Sustainability

Enter Newwen, a Dutch company that is leading the charge in sustainable supply chain solutions, particularly in the packaging and logistics fields. It is part of the Van Vliet Group, a prominent logistics load carrier in the horticulture industry.


Newwen's Novel Sustainable Solutions for Fresh Product Supply Chains
Newwen's Managing Director Bob IJpelaar (back) and a Manager Projects & Sustainability Diana Hernandez at Expo Agrofuturo in Colombia.
Photo by newwen


Behind the scenes, Bob IJpelaar, Newwen's managing director, is the driving force behind this environmentally conscious revolution, emphasizing the importance of reducing disposable materials as a means to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).

With great experience in the field, Newwen has developed a set of products and services that are tailor-made, not exclusively for the fresh produce industry but also for the flower industry, addressing the unique challenges faced by growers, wholesalers, and retailers.


Newwen boxes in small truck



“There’s no doubt about it, the world must be a cleaner place. And governments have created a plan to get us there: the Green Deal. This is not optional, but a mandatory requirement for businesses in Europe over the coming years.”

As a result, the Aalsmeer-based company adopted an exceptional approach; a strategy for supply chain management that is centered around sustainability, innovation, and intelligent systems, and based on a commitment to delivering the most viable solutions. In general, the company's goal is to build sustainable supply chains that accelerate the transition to a 100% sustainable society. 


Newwen’s Novel Sustainable Solutions Are a Must-Have for Fresh Product Supply Chains
Newwen's Robert Dompeling and Diana Hernandez.
Photo by @newwen


This is a philosophy that is evident in every aspect of its operations, from the materials it uses to the technologies it implements, with the end goal of benefiting logistics, reducing costs, and increasing efficiencies while ensuring a cleaner, greener supply chain.


“Working with the highest standards of tooling, spare parts, materials, and expertise, we engineer and deliver highly sustainable and effective solutions. It all begins with in-depth requirements interviews to outline your needs. From here, our team will create the most cost-effective, sustainable, reusable, and repairable design possible. Everything is prototyped and assembled in-house."


Newwen’s Novel Sustainable Solutions Are a Must-Have for Fresh Product Supply Chains
Photo by @jolanta_florist


Safety, sustainability, and functionality are, according to Newwen, key in its design processes, and the engineers can simulate different kinds of forces and handling methods to create the strongest and most durable products possible, with long lifecycles.

Smart and Sustainable Solutions That Come With Numerous Benefits

One of Newwen's flagship offerings is its multi-use packaging solutions. Designed to be circular and energy-neutral, these packaging options are far from the traditional single-use containers that have long been the industry standard. Created from fully recyclable and reusable polypropylene, these boxes, crates, and trays can be used up to 25 times before reaching the end of their lifecycle. Quite a feat, you’d say!


Newwen's Novel Sustainable Solutions for Fresh Product Supply Chains
Newwen's packaging solutions equipped with digital technologies.


The multi-use packaging solutions are equipped with digital technologies, including a linked radio frequency identification (RFID) hardcode and QR code tag for tracking and recording movements or locations. This enables traceability and optimal supply chain management. The materials used are, as previously noted, fully recyclable, and also antibacterial, antistatic, and moisture-resistant, guaranteeing the quality of the flowers during transportation while ensuring minimal waste.

But the benefits go beyond just the sustainability credentials. These containers are also equipped with a host of smart features that are ideally a prerequisite for the flower industry. From full-color printing and customization options to other distinctive properties, the packaging solutions are designed to protect delicate flowers and other products and ensure their freshness throughout the supply chain.


Newwen’s Novel Sustainable Solutions Are a Must-Have for Fresh Product Supply Chains
Photo by @newwen


Their benefits are practically endless. For instance, they guarantee reduced waste and environmental impact during the fresh produce’s transportation. The multi-use packaging solutions and logistics systems also reduce costs and increase efficiencies, enabling flower and fresh produce businesses to improve their supply chain operations.

What’s more, these products ensure improved traceability and supply chain management, as digital technology enables real-time tracking and monitoring. This guarantees that the flowers – and other items - are transported efficiently and safely. Plus, since the products guarantee enhanced sustainability, the reputation of the business grows. 


Newwen's sustainable solutions
Newwen's flower box


And there’s more. The items supplied by Newwen are, also, suitable for automated handling and mechanization, can be made flat or foldable, possess a free scanning and logging app to link data to an ERP system, are damp-proof with an antibacterial antistatic residual value of 100%, and are, similarly, multi-use, which is a more cost-effective concept than a one-off product.

It is, therefore, easier to see why, by adopting Newwen's sustainable supply chain solutions, businesses have an opportunity to enhance their sustainability credentials — and reputation — by appealing to the ever-growing pool of environmentally conscious customers.


Newwen's Novel Sustainable Solutions for Fresh Product Supply Chains
Ruben Hoek, the CEO Hoek Group (left) and Newwen's IJpelaar
Photo by newwen


Such has been the case for The Secret Garden Flowers, an Ireland-based floral arrangement ensemble, specializing in weddings, and creating designs and arrangements for some 80 to 90 couples annually. The Secret Garden Flowers has been using Newwen’s traceable flower boxes for years in its partnership with Hoek Flowers. With these unique flower boxes, flower transportation now runs seamlessly, with reliable drivers and minimal issues, according to Jolanta Tytmonaite Moore, who heads the team at The Secret Garden Flowers.


Newwen’s Sustainable Solutions

Jolanta Tytmonaite Moore, who heads the team at The Secret Garden Flowers.


Jolanta Tytmonaite Moore:

"The reusable boxes have not only reduced the environmental footprint but also enhanced the customer experience. They are sturdy and visually appealing. The flowers are securely protected and arrive in impeccable condition without any damage - a demonstration of the strength of these innovative boxes. 

And the best part? The boxes are moisture-resistant and easy to clean, fold, and stack. This simplifies their workflow. In addition to flower transportation, these boxes have versatile applications. Centerpieces for weddings are safely transported, ensuring the flowers arrive undamaged at their destination. [They are] A practical solution that alleviates much stress.”


Newwen’s Sustainable Solutions Essential for Fresh Product Supply Chains
The Secret Garden Flowers' lead florist Jolanta Tytmonaite Moore with Newwen's flower transportation box


Newwen Offers a Lot More in Sustainable Solutions

Even so, Newwen's offerings go beyond just the packaging segment. The company's comprehensive range of supply chain solutions also includes everything from logistics services and supply chain analysis to research and development, engineering, and production.


"In addition to flowers and plants (horti), we also make logistics packaging for other fresh produce, as well as solutions for construction, e-commerce, retail, and healthcare."


Newwen's sustainable boxes
Newwen's sustainable solutions also include boxes for fruits.


The enterprise, one would say, takes a holistic approach to addressing its customers' challenges — from design to delivery — bearing in mind every aspect of the supply chain, to ensure that the solutions it provides are tailored to the unique needs of each client. This keenness for sustainability and made-to-order products and services makes the company a dependable partner for businesses across the flower industry, not just in Europe, but also beyond. 


Newwen's sustainable offerings
Its sustainable product offerings go beyond the fresh produce and flower fields.


For Newwen, as it all seems, the commitment to sustainability is not just a marketing stunt but a genuine desire that cuts across every aspect of its operations. As the horticulture and flower industries grapple with the challenges of sustainability, the solutions it offers through smart, innovative, and eco-friendly approaches to packaging, logistics, and supply chain management are a necessity.


Unless otherwise indicated, all images are by newwen.



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