No Green Thumbs Needed With This Tropical Plant

These plants are so easy to handle.

By: THURSD. | 24-03-2021 | 3 min read
Indoor Plants

Nowadays, houseplants are no longer missing in the interior. Many people do not only have special and trendy plants in their living room, but also in their kitchen, toilet, bedroom, and bathroom. All plants have their own specific care methods.

Non-Flowering Plants With Large Leaves

An important trend this year is, for example, the green, non-flowering plants with large leaves, which are fairly easy to care for. The plants that were trendy 25 years ago are trendy again. But what if you would like to have the coziness of colorful plants, but you do not have the green thumb that is needed for this? If you have a green thumb, you can handle plants well. It is an expression. Unfortunately, the majority of people that buy plants, don’t have a green thumb. Some go overboard with the result that every plant they purchase eventually dies. Fortunately, these are the exceptions. But what if you like colorful plants, but do not have the knowledge and time to care for them? What is an easy-to-carry plant to take home yourself? Which plant is easy to take care of? We think we can conclude that the answer to this is an Anthurium plant.

Anthurium plants

Anthuriums are beautiful subtropical plants and are available in many different colors. The plants come from the tropics and are therefore real heat lovers, they love to be at 20°C- 22°C. They prefer to be in a bright place and do well in high humidity, so the bathroom is also a good place. They don’t like drafts and direct, bright sunlight.


Anthura Green Thumb 0n Thursd Livium


The Anthurium pot plant is best watered twice a week in summer, and once a week in winter. Try to make sure that the soil is never dry, but that the plant also does not drown. It is therefore not the intention that water formation occurs at the bottom of the pot.

Spraying water

Is your Anthurium in the living room? There, the humidity, especially in winter with the heating on, can be on the low side. Therefore, spray your plant with some water every now and then. This increases the chance of new flowers and helps the plant to stay healthy!



If you prune your Anthurium a few times a year, it will last even longer. By cutting away wilted flowers and old ugly leaves, your plant will save energy. And it can then use that energy to make new leaves and flowers!


Anthurium plants on water
Picture credit: Bakker 



If the Anthurium has become too large for its pot, you can repot the plant. Do this preferably in the spring, because the lighter days help to stimulate the budding. Or, flush away the water and put the plant in a glass vase to show off the root system. All in all, the actions above are easy to handle for people without a green thumb. This way you create a colorful interior with little effort. And to top it all, Anthurium plants.....



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