Improving Your Office Day With Plants and Flowers

Use the power of plants and flowers to immediately enhance your working environment.

By: THURSD. | 27-09-2023 | 6 min read
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Improve your office day

October 4th is looming. What plans do you have for improving your office? Improving Your Office Day is a great opportunity to design a befitting space, revamp its character, and incorporate different items and pieces that will spur productivity and make your office space desirable.

Often decluttering is the ideal approach to getting rid of unnecessary items, but as you declutter and create more space, plants, and flowers should come in to green up your working space. Plants and flowers bear incredible benefits in an office, including but not limited to improving productivity, air purification, and complementing aesthetics to your workspace.

Purchase of new furniture, redecoration, new paint, and acquisition of sophisticated pieces of art can transform your office’s personality but not entirely enough for good feng shui. Having plants and flowers brings good feng shui during your office day.

History of Improve Your Office Day

Though a specific date cannot be attached to when the Improve Your Office Day movement kicked off, employees are encouraged on this day to take out the clutter and create a pleasant environment for themselves.

Simple changes go a long way, taking out the clutter and having a clear desk improves employees’ productivity significantly. Better yet, having an office desk plant or flower vase will propagate positive energy and enhance its flow within the workspaces.


Improve your office day
Picture by @Tima Pexels


Over the years, employees and corporates have marked the Improving Your Office Day on October 4th annually, This culture is now ingrained in corporate settings. A cluttered workspace contributes to a cluttered mindset and unproductive or unmotivated employees. Decluttering is much needed but also the addition of plants and flowers invites nature’s balance, harmony, and positive energy into offices.

Improving Your Office Day with Plants

Good feng shui practice within any space involves the creation of balance and harmony. From the strategic arrangement of the space to the selection of items that go into such arrangements. As you embark on a journey to elevate the look and feel of your office space, greening up your office desk, entrance, or reception area with plants should not be overlooked.

Plants bring a sense of renewal energy and a positive mood into your office space. From our connection with nature, magical things happen, it is the true essence of our existence and the epitome of our motivation and the zeal to be more.


Improving your office day
Picture by @Pavel Pexels


Go all out during the improve your office day, with the following unique plants which can be grown on your office desk or placed within any position in your workspace.

  1. Philodendron Martianum (Fat Boy)
  2. Ligularia Reniformis (Tractor seat plant)
  3. Alocasia Amazonica
  4. Ficus Umbellata
  5. Columnea Gloriosa

Philodendron Martianum (Fatboy)

Philodendron martianum has a fat, thick stem, with oval-shaped glossy foliage. Originating from South-Eastern Brazil, this plant is the best fit to improve your office space. Initially, you can grow it as an office desk plant and repot to a bigger container once it outgrows it.


Improve your office day
Philodendron martianum by @Sydney Plant Guy


It can grow to an impressive height of 1 meter (3.2 ft); watering once a week, exposure to bright indirect sunlight and moderate temperatures are ideal conditions for your Fatboy.

Ligularia Reniformis (Tractor Seat Plant)

Bring a touch of shiny greenery into your office space. Improving your office day will be a fulfilling experience with Ligularia Reniformis as an addition to your working environment. Also referred to as the Leopard plant or green leopard plant, Ligularia Reniformis originated from Japan.


Improve your office day
Ligularia by @Explosive Growth Nursery


Bright indirect sunlight and infrequent watering to a tune of 7-10 days intervals will contribute to the optimal growth of your green leopard plant.

Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica also referred to as Alocasia Polly, African Mask, and also Elephant Ear, originates from Asia. As you work on improving your office space, the adoption of Alocasia Amazonica and planting it in a bigger container will spruce up your workspace during the improve your office day and beyond.


Improve your office day
From the left: Alocasia Watsonia and amazonica by @Our.Lucky.Roots


It is a less finicky plant, watering once a week during the summer should suffice, and 7-10 days intervals during winter. Bright indirect sunlight is needed by the plant to grow optimally in your office space.

Ficus Umbellata

Ficus umbellata is another great unique option to consider as an office plant. As you gear up to improve your office day, keep this plant at the top of your list. Ficus umbellata originated from West Africa and has striking heart-shaped foliage.


Improve your office plants
Ficus umbellata by @Serpentine Plants


Ficus umbellata prefers a temperature range of 18-28 °C (64-89 °F), bright indirect sunlight, preferably close to the window is needed. Watering should be kept to once a week.

Columnea Gloriosa (Gold Fish)

Columnea Gloriosa is a trailing plant with alluring tubular orange and red blooms that resemble a Goldfish. Originating from both Central and South America, Columnea Gloriosa is among plants worth the consideration for improving your office day.


Improve your office day
Columnea gloriosa by @Grownin-Sideways


Columnea Gloriosa prefers bright indirect light and a temperature range of 18-24 °C (64-75 °F) and less watering. Specifically water once a week during spring and summer and reduce to once bi-weekly during the winter.

Improving Your Office Day With Flowers

So many plants to choose from! But what about the cut flowers, also a perfect pick for Improving Your Office Day. Just think about the different types of blooms that can be displayed in our spaces.


office day
Picture by @Van der Slot


Flowers boost moods and productivity in workspaces. With their intricate blooms and great openings, they exude energies that supersede any negative flow of energy or counterproductive vibe within office spaces.


office day
Picture by @Stephanie


The aesthetic appeal of flowers in any office setting cannot be downplayed, choose flower colors and types that best suit your office personality and the energy you are looking to tap into. Depending on the seasons, display fresh blooms every season to enhance contrast and display of variety of flowers. For instance, you can go tulips or daffodils in spring, sunflowers in summer, and chrysanthemums in autumn. Roses can be found across all seasons.


Improve your office day
Picture by @Sarah Cull


Consider introducing flowers during the celebration of key events or milestones within the office; this practice propagates a flower-loving attitude and appreciation of flowers within the office space. Take up floral subscriptions with your local florists, to enhance the consistent display of flowers in the office, This will become the office signature and a cheerful environment to work in. Flowers are good for you, your office, and your employees; it is a joy to experience the magic and effect flowers can have within our environs. Staying on the productive, positive energy side in an office can be achieved effortlessly with flowers and their presence in an office setting.

Improving your office day is an opportunity to tap into nature’s magic and its soothing and refreshing power. Plants and flowers can add a touch of greenery and light to your workspaces. Decluttering, repainting, and rebranding of the office space should be paired with a select set of indoor plants mentioned above and preferred flowers to fully elevate the character and general feel of your office.

Have fun improving your offices with plants and flowers!


Header image by @Sanni Sahil from Pexels, featured image by @Esmihel from Pexels.


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