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By: THURSD. | 14-07-2021 | 1 min read News
Photographer and designer Mono Giraud is the soul of the brand MONOGIRAUD. A creator and supplier of essentials that designs sculptural accessories and garments made from organic materials. Pure and organic materials such as wood, natural fibers, and bamboo.

Each Element in Its Purest Form

Sculptural Garments Made from Organic Materials - Mono Giraud - The art tree stems out of head - article on thursd She doesn't just capture these designs from a sales perspective, she captures these in unique and ethereal photos that trigger the eye. Photos that make you gaze just a little bit longer and feel the essence of the materials burst off your screen. The photos breathe just what Mono Giraud work method suggests; take your inspiration not just from the necessary but also the unnecessary in everyday life. Sculptural Garments Made from Organic Materials - Mono Giraud quote - article on thursd Going through and enjoying the experience of the creation process, designer and photographer Mono Giraud manages to apply the spirit of the materials, generating its intriguing and distinct mark. Sculptural Garments Made from Organic Materials - Mono Giraud - The art tree hat of straw - article on thursd

The Process

The process from her most sensitive side is what gives her the ability to feel, hear and see everything around her. In each element, she finds its purest form and impregnates it with her essence. Through her gaze, she creates this unique style, which has to do with the way of perceiving things and the way of intervening in them.
"The essence of Mono Giraud goes beyond things, it lies in the authentic and the personal. It is pure, free, and forceful."


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