Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy

Totally cool flowers in a woodland setting

By: THURSD. | 23-09-2021 | 3 min read
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Feeling All Warm and Fuzzy

Can you believe we are fast approaching a new season?! These outdoor Autumn wedding ideas today are making me feel all warm and fuzzy as we look forward to Autumn. The beautiful mustard and burgundy tones, the totally cool flowers, and the woodland setting, swoon! Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy Set at Parish’s House this shoot was all about hosting an outdoor affair whilst bringing together super stylish wedding ideas. The bride and groom rocked their on-trend outfits and accessories, there was a dramatic bridal bouquet and a statement buttercream cake creation. The ceremony was held beneath a gazebo adorned with palms, pampas grass, and pink gypsophila before a table was set out in the woods to celebrate. I love the hint of black in the decorations, with the hue being used in the tableware and stationery to great effect. Also, look out for a really fun drinks reception, it looked brilliant. Ruby Walker Photography captured the whole editorial just wonderfully, enjoy.

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Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas

The shoot was inspired by the new gazebo built in an area surrounded by trees which the venue, Parish’s House, aptly calls the “Woodland area”. The space features wood tones and green leaves in the summer. However, with autumn approaching and the changing of the leaves imminent, we were inspired by the golden and auburn tones of the leaves. The woodland area is enchanting and offers windows to the rolling greens beyond. It’s a beautiful backdrop for any garden wedding with its natural beauty.

Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy03 Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy04

Prosecco Tuk-Tuk

The faux drinks receptions feature a converted tuk-tuk which serves Prosecco with the option to jazz it up with various flavors. For those of us who aren’t a fan of bubbles to celebrate, they also offer beer and coffee. We thought bubbles would be the best way to celebrate the union and the tuk-tuk is small enough to fit seamlessly into space and relaxed enough to suit the occasion.

Relaxed Vibe

In keeping with the relaxed vibe, we dressed the bride in a lace-topped dress with a loose skirt and the groom in daring all black with a hint of velvet in the jacket. Rather than a veil, we adorned the bride with a large pearl headpiece also from ASOS. The groom’s dark suit was accented with a burgundy bow tie and a rustic boutonnière.

Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy05 Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy07

Decorated with Dried and Fresh Flowers

We staged a relaxed ceremony in front of the gazebo using rustic benches for seating and the gazebo frame as an altar. The frame was decorated asymmetrically with dried and fresh flowers to add volume as well as pops of pink and burgundy color contrast to the wood.

Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy06 Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy09

Rustic Reception

For the reception set up, we used rustic wooden chairs with a matching rustic table that suited the area perfectly. Small potted arrangements with intermingled candles decorated the table. The tableware provided by Duchess & Butler adds darker tones to the design as well as golden highlights. This topped with modern stationery from Loupaper creates the dark luxurious table of our dreams.

Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy10 Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy11

The Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet featured flowers ranging in tones as well as a mixture of fresh and dried. This was tied together with a long golden velvet ribbon which can be seen trailing in her hands. Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas in Mustard & Burgundy



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