Say Hello to the Irresistible Charm of the PaX Mum Series

Having outdoor spaces filled with these cool fast-growing chrysanthemums is always a good idea!

By: THURSD. | 25-10-2023 | 4 min read
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The perfect outdoor mums

If you've been thinking about adding some new flowers to your garden, or if you just like trying out new things, you've got to check out the Chrysanthemum PaX series. Here's why these flowers are causing a buzz and why they're quickly escalating to becoming a garden favorite. There's nothing more beautiful than having a bright, alluring flowering garden.

Pax Mums - A Cool and Easy Series to Add to Your Garden

Did you know Royal Van Zanten has a range of garden mums that are made to flower for weeks, due to their natural flowering period? Garden mums never go out of style, and the seven beautiful and colorful varieties in shades of pink, yellow, orange, purple, red, white, or salmon in their newest PaX assortment are here to prove it to you. Besides this series having a gorgeous color range, you must know more about their benefits and how they can help make your garden bolder.


Royal Van Zanten Garden Mums PaX pink in garden space
Pink mums from the PaX assortment


To begin with, they have a speedy growth. One of the cool things about the PaX series is how fast they grow. No more waiting forever and a day to see those blooms. These guys are like the sprinters of the flower world! On the other hand, they also have the perfect fit. Whether you’ve got a big garden or just a small balcony, these flowers fit. They aren't too big or too small. Think of them like the Goldilocks of flowers - just right. Now when it comes to their colors, they have many. With seven different colors, it's like a rainbow for your garden. You can stick to one color or mix it up. It's up to you but the final result will without a doubt create a blooming garden.


Josefien Goethals taking care of her PaX mums
Floral designer Josefien Goethals takes care of her PaX mums so they bloom beautifully


Gaétan Jacquet & PaX

French designer Gaétan Jacquet has been given the opportunity to get acquainted with the Pax multiflora plants. His first experience is:

"The Multiflora Pax is an extraordinary plant with abundant and long flowering. These little chrysanthemum plants are ideal for seasonal and bright creations that fit into the warm colors of the season. And nothing is warmer than beautiful arrangements with these generous plants which also require almost no maintenance.

I love them beyond the symbols they convey. I love them because they are among the first perennial plants that I grew hand in hand with my grandfather in the family garden. This childhood cradled in shimmering colors reminds me of the memories of my elders who passed on to me a love of simple but beautiful things."


white PaX chrysanthemums
White mum design by Gaétan Jacquet using white PaX chrysanthemums


White mum design by Gaetan Jacquet


Multiflora PaX White


Consistency is Key to Bloom Beautifully

If you’ve ever tried growing multiple plants together, you know how annoying it can be if they don’t grow at the same rate or look a bit off. The PaX flowers won't give you that headache. Thanks to some smart science stuff from Royal Van Zanten, they all grow and bloom together. Your garden is going to look so organized and blooming for up to six whole weeks.

Another feature that sets the PaX series apart is its adaptability to blackout systems. Often referred to simply as ‘blackout cultivation’, this is a horticultural technique used primarily for manipulating the photoperiod (light and dark intervals) that plants are exposed to. This method allows growers to control the flowering and growth cycles of plants, especially for species that rely on day length as a cue for developmental changes.


PaX mums in a basket decorating a garden
Design by Gaétan Jacquet using salmon and pink PaX mums


Multiflora PaX Pink


With an increasingly large number of growers leaning towards blackout cultivation methods, finding plants compatible with this system is paramount. The PaX series, with its fast response time, is tailor-made for this mode of cultivation. Flowering commences naturally around week 39/40, guaranteeing growers a timely and robust yield. For consumers, this translates to a prolonged period of floral splendor. Imagine gifting someone a pot of PaX chrysanthemums and watching their joy last for up to six weeks! It’s not just a gift of flowers but a lasting experience.


Multiflora PaX Purple


So, whether you're a gardening pro or just starting out, the PaX series from Royal Van Zanten is a no-brainer. In the end, it's all about making your garden or space look good with minimal hassle. And with flowers like these from a trusted breeder, you can't go wrong. So, get out there, grab some PaX blooms in any of their seven colors, and let your garden shine!


Royal Van Zanten



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